Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fun on the Farm

Well the day started out with a bang as I was setting here on this retarded thing and the door bell rang you see when I am on line the phone busy because we are still on dial up it's like the dark ages of compiters.
So on with my story you see Veronica Mazie and Dancer "these are horses of mine"were out of the pasture running up and down the road well they had to come to the door and tell me because the phone was busy as I told you.
It was Murray baker and his son Spencer at the door telling me that they were out that was like 7 oclock in the morning.
But the day went good after that.
Spencer opened the big door to the barn and we got them in safely with out any mishaps with speeding cars or trucks.
I went down and investigated where they were getting out and repaired the hole so hopefully that is that.
Worked on my plow and found another point that I would like to see if it will work.
And in the aft I worked on the truck soon I hope to get the sleeper reattached to the cab for good as it should make it a little warmer in the winter without that huge pneumonia h0le in the back of the cab open to the world Like they say air conditioned in the winter time.
Mary was gone with her sister Linda to on of those hen parties that convince you that you need some of there junk to make your life better on the kitchen.
I'm in now for the evening and there wil be a brand new sunny day tomorrow for me to enjoy can't wait to have more fun tomorrow.


At November 6, 2008 at 4:23 AM , Blogger Bob said...

Hey Angus!

It opened this time....
Have fun with your blog!

I'm thinking I have to post something today....I've been getting lazy. Well, plus there hasn't been too much to talk about.


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