Friday, November 7, 2008

Talking to me.

It does seem that I am just writing to myself as there seems to be no one else that can read this thing and enjoy my babblings and nonsense.
So I guess I am talking to myself good thing that I really like me right.
This moning I struck out with the Chain saw and went down across the field and into the woods to see if I could cut some fire wood.
I got one tree cut and when it went to fall over it twisted to the left and caught the blade of the saw which meant that I couldn't remove the saw from the cut when the tree was falling the tree rolled off the stump and pinned the saw under and bent the blade.
I tried to straighten the blade in another saw cut but to no avail.
Anyway it started to rain and I stayed too long and on my walk back up the field I got really soaked had to change my clothes when I got back up to the house.
So then I wanted to put Mares "Fabie and Veronica" on the wagon and haul some wood but it was raining too hard so worked in the barn for a while.
Budgie Trimper drove down to see me and tell me about his trip to Ohio so we stood around for quite a while and talked which you can see I am so very limited in that department.
I do find it hard to find something to say at times.
After he went home Mary and I moved the pullets from a box stall where I raised them to there home where they will spend the next few years giving us fresh eggs daily.
Then I went to a funeral this aft and then went to Mary's Mom and dad's till 5 o'clock and we came home and Mary cooked a really good chicken dinner just like Christmas gooood.



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