Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boy Oh Boy.

Boy Oh boy there was a lot of stuff that I wanted to say and now I can't think of one thing.

I will just continue on and as I go maybe I will think of something.

Mary is redoing the front hall now she probably thinks that I don't appreciate that but she is so wrong so anyway we went to get wall paper today and she came home with two different kinds that the wall paper store let her try so don't know which one she is going to use.

Last night we went over to her mother and father's to have pancakes and we made home made ice cream boy oh boy [that's again right] that sure is a good way to get fatter.

I took some pictures as a matter of fact 77.

So I will put one in now for you to see.

That's my Mary in her Mother's kitchen last night.

Mary's sister Linda and her father making the ice cream the reason I am not in the picture is because I am the one taking the picture dummy.

It was strawberry ice cream and it was soooooooo goooooood ha ha.

We had a pretty good time and left there at around 10 pm I guess.

It is the middle of the afternoon and I should be doing something productive rather then sitting here punching these keys one at a time with my index finger but I have improved somewhat I am now up to both of my index fingers so don't read too fast as I can't keep up to you.

What I'll do is put another pic in then that's it ok.

This is Mary's mother Mary and her father in there living room last night Mary is looking at a card but don't know what the card is for.

Just one more as I am having fun at this as of now k.



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