Saturday, February 21, 2009

Time goes by.

Hi Blog.

Boy oh boy the time goes by so fast it is so incredible the last I was on here was on tuesday and now it is sat.

I will try to fill you in on some of the happenings here.

I must begin awhile back as you know I am on dial up which is worse then walking to Holland from here {Nova Scotia} with one leg.

So I have tried to get high speed from the providers for about 3 years to no avail and they did finally say to me not to call or bother them anymore.

So down the road is a friend of mine now don't act surprised that I might have a friend I digress and anyway he has hi speed and is willing to share.

I went to staples and bought a receiver card for my pc and tried it didn't work.

I bought a more expensive reuter for his pc and a better card and an antennae for my pc didn't work.

So it seemed that I had tried all possibilities to no avail.

This was like last year or something well this guy has a genius brother down on the states somewhere and he sent this microwave antennae up to him and we tried it on his pc but it wouldn't fir so hooked it to my pc and I am on his hi speed now my signal is very week but it is so far working.

Yee Haw. that what horse guy's say when something works for them oh yes I did have to go buy a card for my pc to hook this microwave ant to.

I want to try to put a pic on this thing and see if it will work so bear with me will you.

This pic was last night when the chores were being done.

The pis ended up at the top but it is there Howrah you see I tried that on dial up and it was so slow I couldn't stand it and never did find out if it would work or not.

That pic is me with one of my mares in the team that I am driving right now her name is Fabie.

She is 18 hands hi and a good mare to use she has had three babies for me.

I don't seem to be able to get the pic to come in to the text where I am writing but anyway there is a pic of Sandy and I last night after chores.

You can see that she is getting old she is 29 this spring and she had 13 babies for me this is the greatest mare that ever walked on for feet as far as I am concerned.

I must try to figure out how to get the pic in the text where I am typing right.
I just added another pic and it is Ruby with her babie Hattie but I couldn't get it in to the text again so will keep trying k.


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