Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Supprise Supprise

Hi Blog.
I am actually back and I didn't die as some had erroneously thought I am still alive and as they say in the modern jargon still kicking.
The rumours of my demise were greatly exaggerated.
As I am trying to write this and put my thoughts on this thing the pain that I have to endure is almost unbarable.
but I shall try to endue this for my reading public which right now is my sister and my brother so I hope that they appreciate the effort that i am putting out right now for there benefit.
So I must tell you Mr. Blogg some of why I have been so long in not a wrighting to you and so here is some of the reasons.
1. it is excruiatingly painful on this dial up medium that I have to endure to do this thing that you are reading.
2. Next I do hope that you are a slow reader because I am sue it must be difficult for as it is for me writing this because I have to use the hunt and peck method of typing you hunt for the letter and smash it with your index finger and then you use the backspace key to fix it with and then hit the chosen key with your index finger every once in a while peering up to see what you have written and again using the backspace key to go back and write it all over again.
3.Now all that isn't so bad the main problem is that I forget what I intended to say in the first place which is what is going on right now so if you could please read slow as it makes me nervous trying to keep up to you.
Well now that I have tried to tell you some of my troubles I will try to let you in on some of what is happening with me.
I was having trouble with my 3 yr old colt that I am trying to get broke to harness now this is the one that threw me on my rear end last winter
Well the first time I hooked him to a little scoot that I have he proceeded to kick it all over the place as he jumped over the baler and over the wagon and ended up in a heap with me trying to follow all these very fast movements needless to say he left me behind in the dust literally.
Well did catch up to him and got him unhooked from what was left of the little scoot that I used to like.
You see that was back in Dec and I have been trying to get him going ever since.
So Monday which was yesterday I hooked him to the now repaired little scoot that I now relike and he was very good and dragged it around at a walk which is the speed that I like so much better than mach 2 in horse speed.
And today we went out behind the barn and he was very good so I am so encouraged now an I told him today that I like him again now.
Hope that he will continue to improve as days go by.



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