Friday, December 5, 2008

Two days in a row.

Ho there blog I'm back.
I was up early today at about 5;30 or even earlier as I recall went to the barn and fed the horses they seem to like that.
Then came in had my porridge etc I read some and soon it was time to go out so I went to the woods as I wanted to pile up some of the wood I had cut as it was down and I was afraid I would get covered with snow since it is supposed to snow on the week end but now I know it is rain mostly.
I drained the oil out of the tractor and went to the dealer and bought fuel filters and an oil filter for the old thing so will get new oil and new filters on it tomorrow.
Today is the 5 th of Dec and I am sure of that because Mary said so from now on I will check with her so I Know for sure what day it is OK Alice.
There will be no more sarcasm allowed in emails to me from now on let the whole world know.
Went to Skip's on the way home from the dealers and talked to him for awhile and saw that big beautiful stallion that is there and we took his truck and went to a place to see a band saw mill that this fellow had but he didn't want to sell it .
It is the same make as a neighbour up the road has and it does work good for him.
I would love to have a saw mill as I have alot of trees that are dying and the mills that buy logs won't take them but they saw into good lumber just the same.
So I will keep looking .
It is about 9:30 now so I guess I will say bye for now Mr Blog.



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