Thursday, November 13, 2008

What happened today.

As I was setting here thinking because as you remember I am on dial up so there is lots of time to think while this thing is doing it's thing what ever gastly thing that might be.
Iwas just about to get the plowing done this morning and when I was turning the mares around to go back into the furrow I looked down and Veronica's heel chain had come unhooked from the inside of her evener so I stopped then and went to rehook in up and the end of the hook was broken off.
She must have stepped on it when turning and broke the end that the heel chain hooks to completely off.
So that ended the plowing for today and I had only about 2 feet left to do and it would have been finished.
I found a new hook and am in the process of getting it fitted back onto the end of the evener
I should beable to finish it up on Monday I suppose I will let you know how things turn out.
The reason I can't do that tomorrow is because I am journeying up to New Brunswick in the morning to see a man about a horse ha ha no pun intended.
I called this fellow last night to thank him for the papers for Veronica that he sent to me.
We talked for a while and you see he is the man that I gat Veronica from as I had traded a 2 year old mare with him for Veronica.
The 2 year old's name is Prancer and now he wants her full brother Dancer so he wants to trade another registered black mare for Dancer.
So we are heading up there first thing in the morning to have a look at this Black mare.
hope she suits me and is big enough etc.
He tells me that she has a capped hock so not to fond of that scenario but with a little tlc that can be fixed and the mare is young she is 3 years old 4 in the spring.
I ground drove the mares Fabie and Veronica back through the woods and tried to instill in their minds the word whoa which is so very important you see.
That is the next job for the mares and I to go to the woods and cut wood for next winter and on.
I guess I'll stop the foolishness now and do something else with my time.



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