Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance day

Good morning it is about 7 in the morning here and I have already gone out and given the horses their breakfast so that they will be happy.
Our plans are to go to the NSCC* school this morning and attend a remembrance day service with my cousins Paula Suzanne and Steve.
Steve is my uncle Ernie's son from Halifax he is where Bob my brother gets his middle name hence Robert Earnest Mclean Paula and Suzanne are aunt Ada's girls.
We are going to Suzanne's for dinner at about 12 or so.
Mary made a pan of rolls to take with us to go with the meal so I am sure we will be full of good tummie stuff before we leave there.
That will take the morning and most of the afternoon so that would seem to me to be the whole day.
I will just turn the horses out for the day and they can go out and play with the Unicorns.
*Nova Scotia Community College.
I thought maybe you would like to know what that meant.
I would like to harness Mazie and Dancer before we go to this function this morning and maybe just play with Lew some as he still needs to be worked some.
So it seems that my day is planned for me today doesn't it.
I hope that I have you completely bored with the goings on here on the Ponderosa with Ben Cartrite. Not sure how to spell that last name but hopefully you get what I mean K.
I just tried to add an image to the note but on this dial up it seems that nothong is happening when I click on the icon for add an image so not sure what if any thing is happening there.



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