Wednesday, November 12, 2008

At home on the ranch

6 am got thr horses fed in the barn and then came in and got myself fed had two eggs fried in real butter toast tea so was feeling good when I went back out to the barn.
I was plowing in the field by about 8:30 or so.
I wanted to get that done as I knew that we had to go to Middleton and get some feed for the laying hens as they were out since tuesday and were getting loud and hungry.
So Mary and I went to the feed store and got 4 bags of lay mash soon as I gor home went right out and gave them some they were decidely happy.
I moved machinery around the rest of the aft as that needed to be done before winter sets in with a vengeance.
Before you know it it was 5:30 and I got the barn cleaned out from the night before and fed the horses their supper.
By 6 oclock it was dark here and came in for supper.
We had a couple of hamgurgers one each some salad and the day is over just like that.
Mary did up a big batch of beets this afternoon and was just setting down when I came in from the barn.



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