Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun in the snow.

Got up at about 5;30 this morning and went out and fed the horses.
Had my breakfast and finished putting the sleds together harnessed the mares and went to the woods cut some wood and loaded it on the sleds and hauled it out.
That made it about 12;30 so I just turned them out and came in for dinner,Mary said that the guy up the road had the alternator for the backhoe finished as I had left it with him on sat.
So I went up to get it and when he said what it was I thought he said it was 77 dollars and change well you see I trust him so I handed him a 100 dollar bill but when he gave me back 3 20's and change it was 17 dollars.
That made me happy so brought it home to put it on the machine well Mary said she thought she wanted me to drive her to town but she said she could on her own so that left me here to put the alternator on the backhoe.
It is a very tight fit with the loader on the machine but I did get it on but I managed to drop a very small screw down on the ground and couldn't find it at all.
So the rest of the afternoon was spent looking for that so very small screw.
Now to give you an idea of how small it is I would compare it to a small raisin.
Well Mary came home from shopping and I went in to warm my hands as I can't work on something like that with gloves on.
She asked me if I wanted her to go out and see if she could help find the screw so out we went and she reached down and said is this it.
Well that made me happy so finished putting that together and by then I had to get the barn cleaned up to let the horses in for the night and then come in for supper so will have to finish that in the morning.
I didn't get the wood unloaded off the sleds so that is waiting for me in the morning as well.
Hope to get the driveway cleaned out as well in the morning will let you know how that unfolds.
But I am in for the night now so there.



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