Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snowie weekend.

I t started snowing on Thursday and it seems that it hasn't stopped since and I took the alternator off the backhoe on friday to get it fixed and so don't have that to plow the driveway.
I put the scrapper blade on the tractor and cleaned the yard up some what with that but I need to get the hoe going and it is so much better with that.
I started to put the sleds together yesterday and will finish that on monday and hopefully get the mares hooked to that then and go to the woods for some fun in the snow.
I used to do all the snow removal with the back blade on the tractor but the backhoe has spoiled me I guess.
I am hoping that diesel fuel will go down more.
Mary and I have decided to stay home today and not go to church as the drive way is blocked with snow and when I went out yesterday it was hard on the transmission of the car to be stuck in the drive way and shoveling and spinning so won't do that scene again today.
Now I am wanting to go out to the barn and let the horses out to play in the snow,they can grub around under the snow and eat grass that they find it's fun to go out and watch then pawing in the snow for that grass.
Well now you can just see the great extent to which my busy life has aspired to in the great plan of human existance.
I do love to digress from reality don't I.
I guess I'll get off here for now might put some more on latter k.



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