Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I don't know where to begin but I shall see what I can do.
My last note was on sunday.
So to fill you in on the great happenings around here I will begin with what I can remember from monday.
I did get Fabie and Veronica hooked to the wagon and I had some wood already sawed up and split in the woods in a couple of places so wanted to get that in uot of the wet weather.
I hauled 2 loads on the wagon into the barn and threw it in between the baler and the mower so it will not be getting any wetter from now on.
The mares worked pretty good even better then on the plow.
Tuesday was a different story as they say a horse of a different colour pun intended.
I'm not sure that is a pun but it is a what ever right.
Veronica as I was unloading some wood back at teh wood pile decided it was time to go and I was on the wrong side of the wagon and barely got there in time to catch her on her second jump I did say whoa and she hesitated just a split second but when she knew there was no one on the reins she made the second jump and I did get one rein and hauled them around until I could get the other rein in my hands and brought them to a stand still to avert a smash up.
Today I put them on the wagon and hauled two loads into the barn and after yesterdays episode she was better but still must keep my eve on her at all times.
It is snowing here now and a girl just came to the door for hay for her horse so had to go out and get her 4bales of hay and she had she only wanted to get a couple of bales but it ended up as 4.
So I guess I am in for the night now as it is storming out now she said that they are saying 25 centermeters of this stuff tonight the ground is white now so it could be covered bt morning.
I must learn to put pictures on this thing so it will be a little more interesting for you to read with the picture worth athousand words it should cut down on the typing shouldn't it.
This is fun though even though I don't have anything to say but that doesn't bother me if it is alright with you.
I think that after awhile it should kind of flow with each entry especially if I learn to type this one finger hunt and peck method can be a little bit time consuming and exasperating for me so will be glad when it speeds up for me.
From your point of view you can't tell how much pain and confusion is happening from my side of this disertation.



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