Sunday, November 16, 2008

Catch up.

It has been two days and no blog so here is a catch up in the short version.
Friday Mary and I drove up to New Brunswick because there was a mare I wanted to see.
I had traded mares with a young man up there a couple of months ago and now we were thinking of doing the same thing again.
He had called me and we talked about it on the phone I am not sure that I am game for this trade as the mare in question doesn't suit me as good as I would like.
That was a 5 hour drive one way so as we left at 8 in the morning and got back at 10 at night it was a long day for us.
Well that was that as I am still thinking about that trade and whether I want to do it or not.
Might take all winter for me to decide.
Then there was saturday which was yesterday.
I was trying to get some things done here and a man from up the road came in with new shoes for his team if Belgians and wanted them corked up so that stopped what I was doing and I proceeded to do that job for him.
I got the toe corks cut out of a piece of hard steel and got them welded on then he wanted the heels widened so had to put them in the forge and heat them red hot so as to bend the heels out wider to fit the horses feet.
I didn't quite have that finished and a neighbor came in and said that some of my horses were out on the next door neighbor's lawn so had to go retrieve them and so they are in the barn.
I went out in the pouring rain yesterday to see if I could find the hole in the fence to no avail.
Monday I will have to find where they got out of the pasture.
Man oh man the dial up is so slow I sit here with my arms folded most of the time waiting for this thing to move.
It is 6 in the morning now so I guess I will go out to the barn and give the horses their breakfasts and then mabe have a little for my well being also.
I has been raining so the ground must be really soft for plowing which I only have a little left to do and I did get my plow fixed from where Veronica had broken it .
Sometimes I can sip right along on this thing then other times it is like pulling hen's teeth to get any writing done on this thing.
Well I guess I will go to the barn so will try to talk to who ever you are latter.



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