Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Try to remember.

You see today is wednesday and I want to let you know what happened yesterday.
I do know that I did get the backhoe together and finally got the mail box plowed out and the drive way plowed.
By the time that was done it was noon and so it was time to eat and I don't like to miss that at all costs.
So then I got the mares harnessed and went to the woods and cut some wood and hauled it out to the house here.
Well I gotta tell yah that I am about ready to be finished for the day but there is still so much to do that it isn't funny.
I put the mares in the barn and then turned them out with the rest of the horses for the rest of the day I then put the wood splitter on the tractor and split the wood that is too large to fit through the furnace door.
It was then time to get the barn cleaned and bring the horses in and feed them supper and come to the house and have supper myself.
As soon as I ate I went down and proceeded to cary the wood into the house well I only got about half done and I realized I was past being tired so went up and got in the bath tup and soaked as they say go soak your head but in this case it was my whole body that needed soaking.
Well Mary and I were sitting in the living room and I was mentionong to her that I was in a lot of discomfort from all the lifting and so on.
She mentioned to me about bed and it did seem to me to be a good idea so followed through on her suggestion and went to bed a about 9 o'clock last night.
Before retiring she said that I could have tomorrow off and that did seem to me to be a good idea and I followed through on that plan also.
Well I must have slept good until about 11;30 or so and then I was awake pretty well for the rest of the night so tonight I think I will go to bed at a normal hour which for me is about 10 or so.
Now today which if you remember was a day off for me as Mary had said and I sure was going to hold her to her word you see I know my rights and if I had to I would take it to my union steward.
Not sure how to go about that scenario but it seems that I didn't have to as today was a little easier for me.
I did have to replenish the hay in front of the horses and do the barn as usual but it did seem to be an easier day then yesterday was for me.
Mary and I went and did some shopping together and met friends that we have met through selling them eggs and when we were leaving one store they invited us over to their house for tea and cookies well I will let you in on a little secret if you ask you only have to ask once for me and I'll be there.
So we were there until about 4 and then we went to superstore and finished up our errands and came home at about 5;30 or so.
I put the horses in for there suppers and now am waiting for tomorrow to see what I will be doing then.
I think I will go get in the tub and as mentioned before go soak my head.



At November 26, 2008 at 11:39 PM , Blogger Bob said...

Pretty sure you never worked that hard when you were an employee in the Air Force. (actually...I KNOW you didn't)


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