Thursday, December 4, 2008

My apologies.

My dear blog I guess I owe you an apologie for not getting on here and doing my civic duty by letting you know my where abouts at all times as I am supposed to do.
Today as you know is Dec 4 th and the last time I talked to you was the 25 th of Nov so will try to let you in on some of my duties as they unfolded in the last week the only excuse that I haven't been on here is that I didn't want to OK.
Today I went back and split up some wood that I had cut a while back it was a maple tree about 20 inches at the but and it was lodged up in another tree so had to hook on to it with the tractor and pull it down where I could get at it to cut it up and split it into furnace size wood.
Well I got that done and where I wanted the road to go there was a very large top way up in the top of a huge pine tree and it really scared me that it might fall on me or the mares when I was hauling the wood out.
So I have a chain on the tractor that I used to pull the other tree down remember and I tried with no success to lassoo the tree top up there.
I came back to the barn and got some rope and a large piece of metal to throw over this treetop all I could get was pieces of branches and I just kept pulling pieces of it down until it finally came thudding to the ground now I know why Dad called them things man killers because it came down with quite a lot of force.
Glad I wasn't under it when it came down.
That was lunch time which I am always glad for I can stop to eat almost anytime so Mary and I had something to eat and then she wanted te take two parcels to the post office to mail them.
We got that done and stopped at Sobeys store for a few things and came home at about four and I went to the barn and cleaned the barn up got down some hay fed the horses and brought them in at about 5:30 or so and came in for supper that's today gone.
We were eating supper and I said to Mary is this wednesday and she always knows what day it is so she looks at me with this amazing look and says with authority that no it certainly is not that is is thursday.
Well I wish that they would stop doing that to me because they did the same thing last week and so that's a whole day each week that I am loosing each week and who is reaponsible for this because they owe me big time.
No idea how to collect on that one maybe you could help.
Yesterday I went up to David Keddy's to get oats I have a large Bin that I can tow behind the truck and he fills it wigh the tractor and front end loader about 4 ton or so.
Well on the way back at about 20 km/hr I stopped at Bruce and Linda's which is Mary's sister and was there talking to them in their drive way when we noticed that one of the tires on the trailer wasn't as inflated as it should be so Bruce has one of those air pumps that plugs in to the truck and we stayed there until it was pumped up.
I left there and was coming down through Melvern Square when RCMP pulled up behind me for a little then he put on his lights well that thing lite up like a Crhistmas tree so I went to go back to see him but he wanted me to stay in my vechicle so he asked me for my licence registration insurance inspection.
I got that all out for him and he asked me if that thing was legal and I told him that was what I was told I didn't say that it was what I had told me.
Anyway he asked which way I had to go and I told him I was going to stay off the #1 and that made him happy.
Now do you recall that the first thing he asked for was my licence which I did not hace because it was home in my wallet.
I forgot to mention that to him.
Will I got it home and backed it into the barn safely even without his help so there.
It was time to do the barn and get the horses in for the night that was yesterday.
I think I will let this go for now and say so long it's been good to know ya.



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