Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Back

Hi Blog.
Look I don't even know what I'm going to talk about so don't get you're hopes up too high.
I have been here waiting for this to come up and totally forgot what I was going to say.
While I was waiting Mary came in and gave me one of those halls cough drops to chew on so that is helping with the sore throat and so on.
I have been sick with the flew sore throat head ache congestion cold want me to keep going I don't want to get you in tears for me.
My brother Bob called me from Burlington Ont. as he and Gabe flew home from Holland for Christmas with there girls Dana and Kathryn she is the one that got married in the fall and I went up for the wedding had a pretty good time I might add.
Well the reason I mentioned that he and Gabe flew home from Amsterdam for Christmas is because I thought it would be cheaper then it was to fly across the Atlantic so I am a little disappointed in that but you see Mr. Blog I am still going to see if there might be cheaper seats in the spring for Mary and I to go see them in Holland as we didn't get to go see them when they were in Puerto Rico when they were there and I am still upset about that one.
Well I gotta tell yah it is storming here today with winds up to 100 km per hr and blowing snow so won't be hooking and horses to the sleds today because of the weather and of how I feel hope for another day and better conditions.
Oh and another thing I probably should tell you I got a call from a feller that I sold a pair of mares to last spring Rose and Ruby.
Well when he was in the process of buying them I said that it was very possible that they might be pregnant so he said that he didn't want that.
I got the Vet now that isn't a war vet but is a doctor vet and we supposedly took care of that but as they say anyways he called me on sat last to tell me that Rose is pregnant so he was supposed to be coming down with her from Halifax and I will lend him Pete a big grey horse I have here and he will leave Rose here to have her baby so that means that she will be here for about 4 or 5 months according to when she foals.
Now I don't exactly know who the baby belongs to but we will have to discuss that when it is born and if it lives etc.
So the reason that I am telling you all this is because it is storming and I doubt that he will be coming today and he said he would be calling me today to let me know if he was coming or not and I think it the or not if you know what I mean k.
I will want to know for sure what is going to happen there of course.
I am going to stay in for the most of the day today except to go to the barn and take care of the horses in the barn to see that they are all right.
Mary now has the same thing that I have and she has thanled me on numerous occasions for the gift that I have given her well we are supposed to share aren't we.
No need of me suffering alone is there.
Only 3 days until Christmas morning and I can hardly wait.
Haven't heard what we are doing on Christmas day for the turkey dinner etc but you see I don't bother my pretty little head about things like that.
I guess that I will get off here as my drivle is starting to anoy even me might pick this up later and let you know how the horse swapping turns out.



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