Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bin awhile.

Sorry bout that Mr. Blog but I have been busy and seems that it was just too much trouble to get on here and fill you in in all that is going on.
Today I did get Mazie and Dancer in the harness and hooked to my little scoot that is really a motar mixer.
Now I suppose that I had better fill you in on what that is well it is used by a mason if he were going to build you a chimney out of bricks and mortar and he would mix the cemint in this thing with a garden hoe.
It's simply a piece of plywood about 3 x 3 with 2x6 sides on it so I use it to hook the young colts to and it is easy to pull around.
Friday Dancer got a little excited but he was very good and we had a good time.
Mazie was very good but she is ahead of him by light years.
I got this done in the morning and got the horses turned out cleaned the barn up before noon because I had to go to the doctors office and get a blood pressure monitor put on me.
I have to wear that for 24 hrs so have to go back tomorrow and get it taken off me then the doc will read it and tell me if my blood pressure if normal or if it is high because every time that he checks it my blood pressure is always high.
Then I went up on the north mountain to see a man about a saw mill that I would like to buy it is one of those band saw mills and I have wanted to have one for a number of years.
He was a sort of seedie looking fellow and I had the idea that he had just gotten out of the slammer but I am just telling you what I got the picture of when I was talking to him.
He is supposed to call me tomorrow and let me know how much he wants for this thing
So I am in suspended animation now waiting to see what he says to me.
Mary and I are going out to a Christmas concert tonight at 7 at the school at the Three Rivers Community center up around the corner from here so we should have a few laughs at that because the kids are always fun to watch.
Guess I'l' say bye for now keep watching and I will endeavour to keep you posted K.



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