Monday, February 23, 2009

Here again

HI blog.

I am back and I want to practice this picture thingie and just see if I got it right or not.

Well that is as good as it gets OK I have managed to put the pic where I want it to go and that makes me as happy as the proverbial pig.

This is a picture of me and Amos a really good horse that I used to have and that I really liked.

I sold him about a year ago and he is busy doing weddings etc where he is near Halifax.

It is a dirty day out there now and so I didn't leave the horses out too long today but let them in early compared to other days.

Today is my sistre's b'day and so called her and talked to her today and wished her a happy birthday she was going out for supper with a friend of hers from Ottawa and I will put a pic of him in for you to see k.

Thats as good as I can do so there you see even though you might think that I am a dummy this just goes to show you nothing in particular.

One of these days I will try to put a video in this thing and that will jar your pyjamas and make you want to do it right etc.etc.

If you think that means anwthing well you are so wrong.



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