Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back again.

As you must know I was called away and I did flush it well as a matter of fact Mary flushed it while I was washing my hands now is that TMI or not but you can take it can't you.

Here's another pic k.

Now remember I am getting these pics from my Pictures and it is random.

I tried this coat on where the groom was being fitted for the wedding and it was too expensive for me but then most thing are.

This is kind of fun putting these pictures in the Blog just wish I knew how to get them where they are supposed to be right.

This is an old pic of me with my old guitar.
Guess I'll go for now but be assured you have not seen the last of me and you don't have to consider that a threat or anything.


At February 22, 2009 at 9:52 AM , Blogger Kat said...

HI Uncle Angus!! Hopefully you'll get this comment.. LOVE your blog and so happy you're back! Anyways, to get the picture where you want it...

Once you've added the picture and it ends up at the top of the blog, click on the picture with the right side click button on the mouse, select "cut" (the picture will be deleted, but don't worry it's still there)

Then scroll down to the area of the text you want it inserted, click with the left click button on the mouse to put the cursor there, and then click the right side click button on the mouse, and select "paste" and walla! Your picture will be inserted where you want it :)

Say Hi to Mary for me!! :)
Love yous,


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