Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bin awhile.

Hi blog it has been awhile but I will try to explain to what has been going on and this is my story and I m sticking to it.
For awhile I had high speed from my neighbor down the road but it was not reliable at all so I dismantled it and tried to get it from my neighbor up the road.
I bought a router for his computer and installed it on his pc.
Then I had to change the adapter card in my computer and went through a lot of configuring etc to get it to work.
My neighbor up the road has this friend that is pretty savy at this kind of stuff and we finally got him to figure it out and so now I am hooked up to my neighbor down the road are you confused.
I have a microwave antennae up in my window that is working for me now and it seems to be doing the job for now.
I just came in from the barn and it is ready for the horses to come in when we finish our supper.
It is about 4 degrees right now and sunny so they are happy out there for now.
I think that Mary is going to make pizza for supper.
I went to the woods this morning and was just gettint started cutting up a tree when the chain on the saw came off so I came back to the barn and was just going by the phone when it rang so it was friends saying that they were going out for breakfast and wanted us to join them so we went down to the Kingston diner for breakfast.
Well I had some at 6:30 so wasn't very hungry so just had tea with them and Mary had pancakes as she didn't have any thin as yet and it was 10 or so by then.
When I came in she was putting wall paper on and was having a hard tome of it so when we came home we wall papered together which is so much easier when there is to if you.
Then this fellow that I previously mentioned came and fixed up what was wrong with this thing and so here I am.
This high speed is so much nicer than the dial up which is desperatey slow and I wouldn't wish it on anyone unless I really disliked them intensely and I won't let on who that might be.
So guess that's it for now.



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