Monday, March 2, 2009

Paint and peel

This is another look at what we are up against but we are up to the challenge and as I said to her all we cane do is keep going until all the paint stays on there.

Today it has been freezing rain all day so there was no school today so my brother Bob won't have to clean the school today Ha Ha.

All I have done today with the horses is lead Hattie around a little for those of you who don't know she is 5 weeks old and is learning to lead.
Here is Hattie with her mom Ruby.
I have the barn chores done and the horses are out so at supper time all I have to do is bring them in and I am done.

Hi Blog.

Here is the actual beginning of the blog.

Well it has been awhile since I last talked to you so it is about time isn't it?

Mary and I are still at the front hallway ceiling and it is definitely causing us some serious grief.

So what is happening is when we try to put some paint on and you will notice that I did say try that the stuff that is on there flakes off.

Well as they say with poor English anyways that is a small sample it seems that when I put the paint on it softens the stuff that is already on there and then it tends to leave the ceiling.

Now you will notice that I did call the stuff that is already on there stuff because I don't think that it is paint but the old stuff that years ago used to come in powder form and it was like White wash remember Tom Sawyer and his picket fence well that is not too far from what this stuff seems to be.

Here I am applying another bit of primer to some spots that peeled for the forth time or so.

Mary was getting a little frustrated and so am I bur I told her we will just keep at it until the paint stays on there.

When you read this blog you will see that it is mixed up and it is not the way that I wrote it and I think that it is because when I was in the process of writing it that it came up with some weak excuses about that it was having trouble publishing it and so on so in the process the prose That I was writing got mixed up.



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