Monday, March 16, 2009

little story to tell

Well I do have this little story to tell you about this high speed internet stuff.
As you know I have been trying to get on to my neighbors high speed internet dowm the road which is at least 1600 feet away and all the computer geeks have told me it can't be done that it is too far away.
It has been a daunting task to say the least and my first attempts were futile with no success except that my computer could see my neighbor's router and I could get 2 green bars of signal but could not get hooked up to him and I don.t know why at all because I even put the antennae out side the house but to no avail.
Well then my neighbor that I speak off got this high gain antennae and we would have put it on his router but the antennaes were hard wired on so that didn't work.
So then I brought that microwave antennae up here and put it on bought a new 'n' adapter card for my computer and that didn't work at first but now we have it going.
I am happy now that it is working and I am on the www as of now.
I may tell you more about this on going saga as it continues.
But for I am going to say by for now and see you later k.



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