Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The bike ride

Hi there friendly Bloggers and other such stuff well I looked on my brother Bob's blog and he took me for a ride on the handle bars of his bicycle and I almost got motion sick following the street and watching as the camera slowly slid down until it was watching the front tire of the bike.
It was fun riding along with him and seeing the scenery etc as we rock and rolled our way along and the ride through the tunnel was fun and did you see the ride through the Swiss tunnel from the front seat of their car fun huh.
So now I must get to my story and sad though it may be I will tell you the news.
I am sure that I had toll you about Ruby and her fillie well anyway I had lent Pete a big grey horse to this man that had bought Rose and Ruby from me.
Pete was there as a spare horse while I had Ruby here until we weaned the fillie off her.
So this fellow calls me up Tuesday morning and tells me that Pete was dead now that is never good news no matter what.
He was going to buy Pete from me or maybe he was or maybe he wasn't we will never know now right.
Anyway he says to me on the phone your horse died last night well that sort of jargon is never good either.
You see that is inferring that it is my loss and not his right.
Well I went to the barn and that is where I does do my bestest thinking you know the old saying up here for thinkin and down there for dancin.
Soes I comes back into the house and says to my faithful wife we're going to Halifax and she was very happy to oblige as we both don't need much of an excuse to go somewhere seems we do that quite a bit nowadays.
So off we go and see's this guy well he is a gentleman and between us two he aggreed to pay for half of the price what I had said Pete was and Mary and I went into some furniture stores and looked at couches and chairs as we are wanting to buy leather now.
So we had a good day even with the demise of my good old friend Pete but I told Mary that old Pete didn't owe me anything he was always so willing to go to work and he worked the day that he died which is how I would prefer it for myself if I had anything so say about it .



At March 20, 2009 at 5:45 AM , Blogger S.Rector said...

Hey Angus... your stories are good.. Hope you have some better luck with your horses.. don't like to hear about them dying.. It's sad.


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