Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mobile home trailer.

Hi there.
It's good to beable to talk to you again Blog I need the therapy as I can't afford a therapist and no one will sponsor me.
Well about a week ago a friend came to me with a friend of his now this is the classic friend of a friend and so on.
So they asked me if I could haul a Mobile home and took me to see where it was and where it was going and so on and so forth.
So I sayes to the friend that is the first friend that was my friend and not the friend that was his friend you know what I mean right? that sure I could haul that thing no problem.
Now that is all well and good until the time actually comes when you have the put the old proverbial money where the mouth is and it was my mouth as I recall.
We had said that today was a good time to do it early saturday morning we thought there would less traffic and as it turned out the traffic wasn't too bad.
I didn't get much sleep last night worring and woke up this morning at about 3 and have been awake since except when I was asleep at the wheel [Just kidding].
Now I am sure that you all know how they jamb those thing in there in a trailer park and it was more then 90 degrees where I had to bring this thing out of the hole it was in and a clump of maples had grown up right where I needed to turn.
I drove straight as far as I could and then turned and I could see in the mirror that I was mowing the maples down so I just put more throttle on and out it came.
The end of the story is that we landed it where it needed to go and with very little grief.
There was some prayers that I was saying to the LORD and am so glad that HE still answers prayer.
I was done that by 11 and came home and put the horses out for the rest of the day then went to Lawrencetown to a cattle auction for a while and then went to see a friend that has horses for a little while then home.
I am going to bed a little early tonight as I am tired I do hope that you appreciate the effortto stay on this thing and tell you all the news about the wonderful world of The friendly farmer and his fables.
It just too bad we didn't take any pictures today so I could put them on here and you could see for yourself this great feat.
The trailer was 64 by 12.



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