Sunday, November 8, 2009


Dear blog.

I have some things to tell you and I am desrerate to remember them before I get too far in this thing.

I had to stop just now to take some pictures off the camera so that I could put them on here for you to see which I am totally confident you are so inspired when you see them.

This is Q our cat well I must correct myself it is our daughter Michelle's cat and I had been down to put wood in the fire and was going by to the bath room to wash my hands "I do that " and saw him so I said to Mary just go see his position so she took picture and there it is.

This is what we were eating meat balls baked potatoes and you see on the side is the squash in the bowl Mary bakes the squash right in the skin with brown sugar and butter and when ever I eat squash I think of Michelle cuz she loves squash.

I have to tell you this story.

Yesterday which was saturday there was a farm auction in Lawrencetown and at the auction was a 14 year old stallion there now a number of years ago I bought what would be his uncle and I paid 5000 for him this stallion was just as good and he sold for 350 dollars.

On the way home I had to go by the Fire hall and I saw what I thought was Joe Steele so I stopped and backed up and went in and it was him so here is a pic.

So we had a good time finding out how things are going with each other now.

He was getting ready for a benefit for someone that was to happen that night so I went down and had a listen to it for the evening and had some time to talk to him then also.

Now here is a picture that I have been wanting to put on here for a day or so Mary took this of me coming across the drive way the other day with this load of wood on the wheel barrow this is some of the slab wood that I get from the saw mill and I saw it up in the barn and bring it over to the house and use it in the wood furnace for heat.



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