Sunday, July 26, 2009

Starting with Dancer.

Well I thought I would tell you a little more of the yarding thing with the horses up in the woods.
As you know I took Mazie up there and it was her first time to yard or do any work as far as that is concerned and she did so well.
So Friday the man wanted more logs yarded so I thought I had better take Dancer this time as he needs some education.
Ibrought him out of the barn and he went right on the trailer just as good as an old horse and so I thought he will do so good.
We went up there and it was just pouring rain and I brought him off the trailer and he was like he was posessed with a demon or something.
I tied him to the trailer and he tried to stove the side of the trailer in.
When I went to put the harness on he flew to bucking and kicking so I told him that he could have this the hard way or the easy way it was up to him so I think made him change his mind ha ha.
Well when I put his bridle on I realized I had forgotten the reins so had to came back and get them.
I was thinking about his actions and thought I had better deal with it so I got some rope from the barn and when I got back I put ropes on him just in case I needed but when I drove him away from the trailer he was good as gold and in the pouring rain we yarded logs all afternoon and he did a super job and I don't have any pics to put on as it was raining too hard to take any.



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