Saturday, May 16, 2009

another try

Hi Blog
As you can see this is titled another try well I did try to post a blog yesterday and since I am wireless I must have lost my signal just when I went to post the blog because when I did I completely lost every thing there I had typed and I do so hope you realize how much trouble it is for me to type.
Well I will try to again relate to you my last few days and chasing horses around through the woods and across the fields hills and dales etc.
On Thursday I had gone out and called them and normally they come just a bounding up across the field to me to get in and have their suppers as of now there are four of them.
Dancer who is 4 in sept Mazie 4 this past Apr Fraser who was 1 in mar and then the baby 4 months old 13th of apr.
Well I called and called to no avail and the neighbor up the road called and said that they were up there so I went up with a halter for Mazie and put the halter on and lead her and the rest followed to the barn.
That was Thursday right are you still following me with this sweet yarn hope so because there is more to this saga.
I walked around the fence and found the back gate was open you see they won't go back there in the winter mostly stay around the hay that I put out for them.
So I closed the gate thinking that was that and they would stay in now wrong.
Friday comes along which always happens right after Thursday or that at least is how it goes around here and has done so for quite awhile.
They stayed in all the day until about 7 in the evening and I went out to let them in and called again to no avail and there comes a neighbor up across the field to tell me that my horses were out again much to my displeasure and that Laura Baker had called and that her father Murray Baker was following them down through the woods so we walked up to meet them me armed with a halter for Mazie but he had been following their trail and had not actually seen them at all the problem they took a wrong turn up there and we lost their trail in so thick woods and thinking that they might have come back home and were out in my field we cane home wrong.
So the woods road if they followed it would end up down at the other cross road so Mary me Murray jumped in the car to head down there when the first guy as you recall came driving in the driveway and said that he had just came that way and no sign of them so undaunted I said that it seemed to me to be a popular Place for wayward horses so off we went and drove along ever so slow to see if we could see them and they were wandering up the road almost in front of Loyd Baker's so we put a halter on Mazie and Dancer and lead them home safely with cars going by us on both sides which didn't bother them in the least.
So today I put them out and at about 3 in the aft I let them in while I still knew where they were and I spent most of the day working in the fence.
They are in the barn now which is very comforting to me.



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