Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing to say.

Hi there.

It has been almost a full week since I was on this thing filling you full of useless drivle not sure how to spell that one but you will have to figure it out for your self k.

I did get Dancer harnessed this morning but just drove him around inside the barn as it is cold and raining today and it was enough just to do that so there that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

He is getting so much better with each passing day and I have tried him in shafts so I just went to the woods and cut a couple of trees and am going to make a pair of shafts for him to drag around instead of him having the opurtunity to smash up my cart because I don't want to have to rebuild that.

This is a pic of Dancer and I am real proud that I can even put this pic on here because I don't have any idea how to put a link on here like my brother in Holland does but maybe that can be my next problem to conquer we'll have to see right.

I would have preferred to have a pic of him in harness today but I didn't think of it so quit your complaining and appreciate what you are getting.

This is another pic of him, He is the one up on his back leggs playing with Mazie they like each other and play like that quite a bit.

I guess I will quit this for now and mabe come back later to it and bore you some more at a later date.



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