Friday, March 27, 2009

Short note

Hi Blog.

I was just back to the woods and split up the wood that I sawed up yesterday and so when I got done I wanted to show you these pic that I got Mary to take for me.

Thisis a neighbor up the road and a good one at that he works in the woods for a living and he called me this morning and asked if he could bring his slidder through here so he wouldn't have to have it floated home from where he had been working in the woods.

I just thought that you would like to see this thing they are common around here and are really quite the machine for yarding logs out of the woods he can haul like about 10 logs at a time with this machine.

Second picture of use in front of this rig so that's it as I said this would be short but I didn't say anything about sweet you know [short and sweet].



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