Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday already

Man oh man here it is tuesday already and it is like 5:30 in the morning.
Yesterday was busy for me as I knew that I had an appt with the vet to castrate a yearling colt that I have here and I haven't got out to the barn to see how he is this morning yet so I will only be on this thing so long and want to get out there and see him and feed them their breakfast.
Well the vet was suppused to be here some time after 1 and it was closer to 5[that certainly is some time after 1 isn't it] when he finally got here and I wanted him to look at my old mare while he was here but didn't have time Sandy is 29 and she is really showing her age now we are hoping she will make it to time to put her out to pasture and she can stay out all night and day and last the summer it doesn't look good when I see her.
Any way we got Fraser [that's the colt I mentioned] castrated and have to go see him now and see how he is this morning.
Yesterday morning I went to Middleton and got feed for the horses and went up to see the trailer that I hauled and while I was there they came here so missed them strange how that happens.
I had lent him tires for the trailer so it could be towed and while I was at his place he came here to bring the tires back.
He is supposedto come here and help me with some work here in exchange for me hauling the trailer.



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