Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm back

Hi there.

Now I realize it has been awhile since I have been on this thing so quit bugging me and I will try to say something that will have deep serious meaning for everyone.

Now today went something like this I got out of bed and that is very good at my age as I will tell you a friend didn't about a week ago and he was only 54 so you just don't know do you.

After I got out of bed actually for the second time because the first time was when I went to the barn to feed the horses and went back and got back into bed and slept for another hout or so, it was after 7 when I got up for the second time and had my breakie then I started the tractor and when to the woods and cut a big maple sawed it up into furnace wood size and splitit also because I have the wood splitter right on the tractor and can split the wood right in the woods there and that saves me handling it a little more.

So I looks at my watch a wow it as 12 by then and so I comes out for lunch and a nap then I went back in the after noon ande cut up some more wood and I am tired right now so that might explain why this might not make much sense.

Well I was in the barn in the late aft and in comes my friend Spencer Baker on Nevah a little mare that I sold to his sister Laura.

As it happens I am in the process of trying to rid myself of some pidgeons in the barn as they make such a mess all over everything in there so when he arrived he said he would take the pellet gun and see if he could get on of them.

So I jumped on Nevah and went for a ride and Mary took my pic which I like.

Now I see that it looks like I have a beard it this pic but I don't I guess that it is just the way the sun is shining on me any way I really like this mare.
So here is another pic from a bit of a distance.

Boy oh Boy I'm a natural what ha ha.

He brought her down to get me to put a harness on her so we got a start on it and then I got this phone call from a guy I know from out Bridgewater way and so he left while Iwas talking to him so then I did the chores came in for supper and went back out and let the horses in for the night.

That's my day for today.



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