Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here Iam

Hi Blog.

I haven't been on this thing for awhile so thought I should see what I could come up with for nothing to say.

I id get to the woods this morning and cut a little wood I cut a couple of maple trees and got them sawed up into furnace wood size and now need to go and split them up but will be tomorrow.

Mary and I went to Middleton and went out for lunch and while we were there a friend came in and joined us for something to eat.

This is Trina George and she works at this restaurant so she came in to have something to eat.

So we had almost finished our meal and another friend came in and we invited her to set down with us and we enjoyed her company also.

This is Ruby Loomer she is a neighbor that lives across the road from Mary's mother and father and we have known her and her husband for 40 years or more.

So we had fun today and we went on down to the feed store and got feed also, we also did a little grocery shopping.

Mary is trying to find the right stair tred covers for the front stairs so that also took some time as the ones she wanted wern't there so have to change to another colour.

She brought home 2 or 3 different colours to see which ones will suit her fancy so I guess that she has picked out what she wants.

After church wed night David George and Darleen came in to get eggs and stayed for awhile.

They had their little dog Buddy with them and Q Michelle's cat wasn't too sure he liked him and hissed at him once and had his paw up to batt him but nothing transpired so Buddy didn'tget a bloody nose or anything.

This is Q on my lap and Buddy looking on you can see that Q isn't overly thrilled about this little intruder in his domain.

The little dog that didn't know just how much trouble he could have been in had he bugged Q very much more as it was, he did go around following Q with his nose tightly against Q's rectum and that didn't make Q very happy until Q got up on my lap.

I sure am glad that we as people don't have to do that when we meet each other with the nose in the rear end of the other person arn't you glad also.



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