Friday, April 24, 2009

Little more then last time

Hi there happy readers.

I have little more to say then last time that I was on here but I will take a few minutes of your time and bore you too death hopfully not literaly.

Had a good day today and have the pictures to prove it see.

This is Dancer and doesn't he look good well that's my opinion and since I only have me here right now it's the only opinion that count's right.

I will put another pic on as we were moving around you see.

That's our Christmas tree from Christmas past and I am just trying to get a little more mileage out of it or should that be kilometers I don't know that doesn't sound the same as Miles does it.

Mary said that I should be careful so as not to ruin our Christmas tree so you can see that I am going slow to accomplish said goal.

He is doing so good but he hates it when turning as the heel chains touch him on the hocks and it gets him a little bit upset but we make a little head way each day that we do this and that is why I got Mary to come out and take these pics so I could show the world how he is coming along I am sure that there are millions wanting to know!

Now I am sure that you will want to know that it took me quite awhile to find that exclimation mark behind that last sentence.

That was this morning and then Mary and I went running around the country side this afternoon and we can sure waste an afternoon so easily I tell yah.

But we do seem to have fun together just doing nothing.

We are going out to a gospel choir sing by some african people at a Crurch near by tonight at 8 so I went out and got the barn ready for the horses to come in before we go.

Tomorrow there is a horse pull at a friend's place so I am going to that but I have to go with the backhoe in the morning and push a tree over so that it doesn't fall on the man's house then I guess he wants me to bury the stump after, so that will take most of the morning to do that then I will hopfully go to the horse pull after that.



At April 28, 2009 at 7:55 AM , Blogger Bob said...

So how old is Dancer? My guess is he's just north of two years old, but what do I know?
Would be nice to be able to see bigger pictures. My guess is you've kept them small due to upload speed?


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