Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday after Church

We just got home from church and I drove on by to see if three colts were still in the pasture and low and behold there they were so we came in and I changed and went out and gave the mares a drink of water and there dinners and I got the eggs for Mary which is what she likes me to do on sunday.

I came in from the barn and Mary had a meat loaf ready with baked potato beet greens and other stuff thats good to eat{You see I have always liked meat loaf}.

I got another strand of wire put up on saturday with the help of my good young friend Spencer Baker I will see if I can put a pic of him on for you to see k.

This is him on Briar the other day you see he rides him down to my place and then puts him in the barn and we get some work done together.

This is a colt that he bought from me a couple of years ago and they get along really well and they like each other and that is so important you see.

Well I must tell you how the fencing has been going, so you see on friday we got the fence line cleared along the back line and was ready to put the wire out, so Murray dropped Spencer off on his way to Cdn tire for a oil change and we went right to the woods and began putting the wire out along through the trees boy that is a lot of fun almost more fun than can be described in one little paragraph with the blach flies and mosquitoes so thick you can't even see each other .

At on point we were getting the roll of wire around a tree and there was about 10 of these friendly little fellowes in my left eye and a couple dozen in my right eye so I couldn't even see I had leather gloces on and couldn't let go of the steel bar that the wire was on and there was about 6 or 8 Black flies in my mouth and did so hate to be eating them because I am so mindful of the ecology and not wanting to lessen the population of these lovely little friendly creatures.

I think I ate so many of them that when I got home and Mary had bbq'ed hamburgers for us I wasn't that hungry as I was still digesting the Black flies that I had ingested.

But I did manage to get the hamburger down out of respect for my dear wife Mary, after all she had cooked it and I had to do my part and eat it right.

Well as they say anyways we did get the wire up and got it tightened up and stapled to some trees along the line and came home happier then when we left knowing that we had done out little part of feeding the little creatures of the forest namely the black flies and mosquitos.

In the after noon I went up to a neighbors and disc harrowed up a little piece of ground that I had plowed up for him last fall so that ended my day except for a few miscelaneous other jobs that were beckoning to me.

Spencer and his sister Victoria came down to watch the hockey game on our tv and I sat or should I say laid back with my eyes closed until about 10 or so then I went to bed with visions of black flies and mosquitos dancing in my head.

Isn't that something I don't even remember what it was that was dancing in the head in that child's poem but I do remember the flies.



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