Monday, May 18, 2009

Chainsaw troubles

Hi blogaroonie.
I just came from thr woods where I have been clearing the fence line to get some new fence up to see if I can keep those colts in the pasture where they are supposed to be.
And while clearing the brush etc from aroun the fence I got a piece of barbed wire wrapped around the chain of the saw and that stopped me so I had to bring the saw home and will have to take the chain and blade off to get the piece of wire out of there to get it going again.
I came in for a little rest and it is almost 12 here anyway so might have a little bite to eat then get back at it.
There is a lot of dead fall across the fence back through the woods so I think I will be a while getting it finished so will have to keep my eye on the colts until I get it done or until they get used to the big mares not being out there with them.
I should go check on them now and see how much trouble they are getting into so bye for now and will try to get back on latter.



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