Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kind of a long day for me and Mary.

We went the an appt with Mary's eye ear nose specialist in Kentville Dr. Maltby Tavia would remember her as she is the one that operated on her nose for her and the appt was at 8 this morning so Poor mary had to get uot of bed in time to get to Kentville by 8.

And she didn't sleep very well worring about getting there on time and so on.

I left the horses in til we got home at about 2 I guess and then went right out and let the colts out for there daily feed of grass and a drink at the pond and it does seem that they are getting used to the big mares not being out there with them so soon I hope that they will beable to stay out all night which is what they should be doing now.

I did get the fence fixed along the bottom end of the pasture so that is a good start on keeping them in where they belong but til I finish the fence they will come in each night see.

When we were in Kentville we had to go to walmart of course and spend money that was burning a hole in our pockets.

When we got home I hocked the mares to the disk harrows and got Mary to take some pics of me so I will see if I can put one or two on here for the fans to see.

Here it is.

Now I just want to let you know hwo much I have progressed in the operation of this infernal computer here because when I said that I would put these pics on here they were still on the camera so I had to take them off the camera and put them in my pictures then upload them on here so for me that is quite an accomplishment so there I told you.

Mary got 8 pics in all but I will only bore you with 2 for now I was quite thrilled that I even got the mares on the dics harrow at all but there you see it with your own eyes.

Now what I am doing here is the wet place in the field as the mares don't get stuck and to save them from doing all the work I do the drier areas with the tractor.

I have one field done and was well on my way with this one when it started to rain and now the field is too wet to finish it so will have to wait til it dries out some more and the next few days are supposed to be pretty good so maybe will be able to get this field done also.



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