Sunday, June 28, 2009

A little update of sorts.

I woke up early this morning at about 4.30 or so and no sense staying there and getting bed sores and head ache so got up and made myself a cup of herbal tea and watched some of a movie about a girl at a mission as a teacher.
So then I came in here as I was wanrering around the house so thought I would turn this thing on and so I paid a bill and then thought I would bable on here for a while and as you can see this is an awfull amount of drivle.
Yesterday was sat and I went to a farm auction in the morning but didn't buy anything and left there before it was over went from there up the number 1 towards Lawrencetown and saw this take out place that's called Pearl's is Paradise [it is in the place called Paradise] so I was hungry so stopped to have something to eat I called Mary to see if she wanted to come down and join me but she had already eaten so I ordered fish and french fries and it was very greasie and I have been sick ever since so I guess I can't do that anymore if I want to stay alive much longer.
When I left there I went on up to l'town and watched some ox pulling and some horse racing [barrels and pole racing] then I came home.
Sorry I have to go right now remember the fish and chips.



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