Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I haven't the faintest Idea what I am going to tell you now but I do feel so pressured into telling it all and doing it in a fashione that befits me ha ha.

Today I hauled wood all day and split wood for the winter that I know is on it's way so that is what occupied the most of my day.

I have been helping a young friend get a team of horses going and so will send you a couple of pix to look at.

This is one of the pix that I took of him with Nevah and Bonnie Nevah is the one nearest us in the pic.

They are taking to being together pretty good as at the time of the picture taking this is only the second time that they were together.

Now this is called ground driving a team and this is the first time for Spencer also so we are all learning at the same time a bit much right.

We just hope for the best and go with the flow.

I might put another pic on here now just for practice.

This is Spencer and the girls just going out of the barn towards the house now to repeat myself Nevah is on the left side which in horse talk is called the near side and Bonnie is on the right side which is the off side.

Now you have had your lesson in horse man ship with no charge at all see.

With that I guess I will close the foolishness and go do something else with my time k.



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