Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday morning.

It is saturday morning and there are a lot of things that I want to do today.

There is an auction in Lawrencetown that I want to go to and I have been building stalls in the barn so I am quite sure that I can get that finished today so that is first on the agenda.

The auction starts at 11 so that will come too soon as time does seem to disappear quickly around here as they say time flyies when you are having fun ha ha.

This auction that I am talking about is farm stuff and the junk is all sold at 11 then the animals are sold at 1 and I don't usually look too strong at the animals because that way I don't buy any right.

I was looking for a pic to put on here so I found this one ,this is King from the barn and you should have seen him when he first came.

He was a sorry sight to see his hair was matted and I pulled large clumps of fur out of him and when I first saw him I couldn't get near him all I saw of him was his tail going around the corner of the barn but now he crawls uo in my lap and allows me to pat him.

I called him King because he has a large main around his neck.

I am sure you are bored to tears but you see this all started with me looking for a picture to put on here remember.

Isn't this a lovely picture of me but you see my excuse is that I was having a hard time holding the camera so you know the 'that's my story' line.

Maybe I had better get off here before the authorities come and drag me away kicking and screaming.



At November 7, 2009 at 6:07 AM , Blogger Kathryn Lantz said...

Love this pics Uncle Angus!! :)


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