Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bin awhile.


It has been awhile since I was on here so just so you don't start to think that I have died or anything worse I thought I should put something on here k.

I thought maybe a pic or something like that.

Mary wanted crown moulding around the ceiling of the dining room so we went and bought some which was the easy part by far.

This is one of the pics that Mary took as I endeavoured to put some of this very pernickety stuff up.

I was trying to figure how many angles there is to get this stuff cut to fit in the corner of the ceiling and I sort of think that a minimun of 4 angles so I made a template and that helped alot so after I got it to fit it was easier to follow the template hope I am not boring you to tears.

This is the last peice that I am painting and none too soon now let me tell ya.

I am gettin the last coat of paint on here and I am finished.



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