Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cold today and windy

Boy oh boy it is very cold today so why are they lying to us about this global warming and all that stuff that when it is 20 below and you are freezing to death and trying ti keep warm.
It has been putting a little snow down so Spencer Baker and I put the sleds together and hooked the little grey mares to them and went back through the woods where the mud puddles were very deep because as you may of not know it has hardly stopped raining since June so there really is alot of wet around so brought a little wood up to the house and that is still on the sleds as I am writing this.
I soon have to go out and get the barn cleaned up so to bring the horses in for there supper and the night.
I don't have any pics to put in here but maybe next time I will see what I can do K.



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