Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back home again

I have had complaints from the peanut gallery that my blog is not yery full as of late so I am now trying to rectify that.
I just got home from an exibition out in Calidonia called the Queen's county exibition and had a good time there for the week.
I was judging the draft horses there,this is my second year there as the heavy horse judge and they are so good to me there.
It is long hard days and I am tired from the week but it is a happy tiredness if that is a word or not I don't know.
There isn't much time to think except horses while I am there and getting courses set up for the different classes that they are required to go through.
Of course there is always help that is needed to get the job done.
When I wasn't busy I helped with the light horse events so as to relieve them some there is a lot of setting up and tearing down for classes that they have also because some of my events were in that ring as well.
So that's my storey and I am sticking to it I was just out and see my horses here at home as I haven't seen them for a week and wanted to see them and see that they were alright.
I will endevour to put a little on this thing as often as I can to keep up my practice of typing to get as far away from the hunt and peck method of typing that I am using.
Talk to you soon bye for now.