Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday after Church

We just got home from church and I drove on by to see if three colts were still in the pasture and low and behold there they were so we came in and I changed and went out and gave the mares a drink of water and there dinners and I got the eggs for Mary which is what she likes me to do on sunday.

I came in from the barn and Mary had a meat loaf ready with baked potato beet greens and other stuff thats good to eat{You see I have always liked meat loaf}.

I got another strand of wire put up on saturday with the help of my good young friend Spencer Baker I will see if I can put a pic of him on for you to see k.

This is him on Briar the other day you see he rides him down to my place and then puts him in the barn and we get some work done together.

This is a colt that he bought from me a couple of years ago and they get along really well and they like each other and that is so important you see.

Well I must tell you how the fencing has been going, so you see on friday we got the fence line cleared along the back line and was ready to put the wire out, so Murray dropped Spencer off on his way to Cdn tire for a oil change and we went right to the woods and began putting the wire out along through the trees boy that is a lot of fun almost more fun than can be described in one little paragraph with the blach flies and mosquitoes so thick you can't even see each other .

At on point we were getting the roll of wire around a tree and there was about 10 of these friendly little fellowes in my left eye and a couple dozen in my right eye so I couldn't even see I had leather gloces on and couldn't let go of the steel bar that the wire was on and there was about 6 or 8 Black flies in my mouth and did so hate to be eating them because I am so mindful of the ecology and not wanting to lessen the population of these lovely little friendly creatures.

I think I ate so many of them that when I got home and Mary had bbq'ed hamburgers for us I wasn't that hungry as I was still digesting the Black flies that I had ingested.

But I did manage to get the hamburger down out of respect for my dear wife Mary, after all she had cooked it and I had to do my part and eat it right.

Well as they say anyways we did get the wire up and got it tightened up and stapled to some trees along the line and came home happier then when we left knowing that we had done out little part of feeding the little creatures of the forest namely the black flies and mosquitos.

In the after noon I went up to a neighbors and disc harrowed up a little piece of ground that I had plowed up for him last fall so that ended my day except for a few miscelaneous other jobs that were beckoning to me.

Spencer and his sister Victoria came down to watch the hockey game on our tv and I sat or should I say laid back with my eyes closed until about 10 or so then I went to bed with visions of black flies and mosquitos dancing in my head.

Isn't that something I don't even remember what it was that was dancing in the head in that child's poem but I do remember the flies.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An experiment

Hi this will be short because I want to try something and see if it works.


Kind of a long day for me and Mary.

We went the an appt with Mary's eye ear nose specialist in Kentville Dr. Maltby Tavia would remember her as she is the one that operated on her nose for her and the appt was at 8 this morning so Poor mary had to get uot of bed in time to get to Kentville by 8.

And she didn't sleep very well worring about getting there on time and so on.

I left the horses in til we got home at about 2 I guess and then went right out and let the colts out for there daily feed of grass and a drink at the pond and it does seem that they are getting used to the big mares not being out there with them so soon I hope that they will beable to stay out all night which is what they should be doing now.

I did get the fence fixed along the bottom end of the pasture so that is a good start on keeping them in where they belong but til I finish the fence they will come in each night see.

When we were in Kentville we had to go to walmart of course and spend money that was burning a hole in our pockets.

When we got home I hocked the mares to the disk harrows and got Mary to take some pics of me so I will see if I can put one or two on here for the fans to see.

Here it is.

Now I just want to let you know hwo much I have progressed in the operation of this infernal computer here because when I said that I would put these pics on here they were still on the camera so I had to take them off the camera and put them in my pictures then upload them on here so for me that is quite an accomplishment so there I told you.

Mary got 8 pics in all but I will only bore you with 2 for now I was quite thrilled that I even got the mares on the dics harrow at all but there you see it with your own eyes.

Now what I am doing here is the wet place in the field as the mares don't get stuck and to save them from doing all the work I do the drier areas with the tractor.

I have one field done and was well on my way with this one when it started to rain and now the field is too wet to finish it so will have to wait til it dries out some more and the next few days are supposed to be pretty good so maybe will be able to get this field done also.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Chainsaw troubles

Hi blogaroonie.
I just came from thr woods where I have been clearing the fence line to get some new fence up to see if I can keep those colts in the pasture where they are supposed to be.
And while clearing the brush etc from aroun the fence I got a piece of barbed wire wrapped around the chain of the saw and that stopped me so I had to bring the saw home and will have to take the chain and blade off to get the piece of wire out of there to get it going again.
I came in for a little rest and it is almost 12 here anyway so might have a little bite to eat then get back at it.
There is a lot of dead fall across the fence back through the woods so I think I will be a while getting it finished so will have to keep my eye on the colts until I get it done or until they get used to the big mares not being out there with them.
I should go check on them now and see how much trouble they are getting into so bye for now and will try to get back on latter.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

another try

Hi Blog
As you can see this is titled another try well I did try to post a blog yesterday and since I am wireless I must have lost my signal just when I went to post the blog because when I did I completely lost every thing there I had typed and I do so hope you realize how much trouble it is for me to type.
Well I will try to again relate to you my last few days and chasing horses around through the woods and across the fields hills and dales etc.
On Thursday I had gone out and called them and normally they come just a bounding up across the field to me to get in and have their suppers as of now there are four of them.
Dancer who is 4 in sept Mazie 4 this past Apr Fraser who was 1 in mar and then the baby 4 months old 13th of apr.
Well I called and called to no avail and the neighbor up the road called and said that they were up there so I went up with a halter for Mazie and put the halter on and lead her and the rest followed to the barn.
That was Thursday right are you still following me with this sweet yarn hope so because there is more to this saga.
I walked around the fence and found the back gate was open you see they won't go back there in the winter mostly stay around the hay that I put out for them.
So I closed the gate thinking that was that and they would stay in now wrong.
Friday comes along which always happens right after Thursday or that at least is how it goes around here and has done so for quite awhile.
They stayed in all the day until about 7 in the evening and I went out to let them in and called again to no avail and there comes a neighbor up across the field to tell me that my horses were out again much to my displeasure and that Laura Baker had called and that her father Murray Baker was following them down through the woods so we walked up to meet them me armed with a halter for Mazie but he had been following their trail and had not actually seen them at all the problem they took a wrong turn up there and we lost their trail in so thick woods and thinking that they might have come back home and were out in my field we cane home wrong.
So the woods road if they followed it would end up down at the other cross road so Mary me Murray jumped in the car to head down there when the first guy as you recall came driving in the driveway and said that he had just came that way and no sign of them so undaunted I said that it seemed to me to be a popular Place for wayward horses so off we went and drove along ever so slow to see if we could see them and they were wandering up the road almost in front of Loyd Baker's so we put a halter on Mazie and Dancer and lead them home safely with cars going by us on both sides which didn't bother them in the least.
So today I put them out and at about 3 in the aft I let them in while I still knew where they were and I spent most of the day working in the fence.
They are in the barn now which is very comforting to me.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A week and a half

It has been a week and a half since I put anything in here so I Guess it must be about time you see I have been busy trying to get a couple of fields ready to plant and I did get the meadow done.
Now you see I call this small field the meadow because Grampa Nixon had a meadow so I wanted a meadow you know the sheep are in the meadow and the cows are in the corn now if you think about that little rhyme neither case is a good scenerio because they are eating up the winter food.
Anyway that's enough explaining nursery rhymes right.
I seeded the meadow down with grass seed as it turned out really good you see I got stuck there last week and it ended up that it is really smooth and I got it rolled down so I am very pleased with how it turned out.
That was yesterday morning and in the aft I got over 75% of the other field with the tractor and the harrows I did get stuck once but got myself out.
All I do is unhook and drive ahead if I can with the tractor then with a long chain rehook to the harrows and pull them ahead to dry ground and rehook and off I go again sometimes it is that easy other times it isn't so easy.
I will get the shoes on the mares and do the wet spots with them as they don't get stuck now you might be wondering why doesn't he just do all of it with the mares and here is my reasoning on that.
First this is very hard work for horses and so I am trying to get as much done with the tractor first then finish the wet spots with the mares see.
Hope I am not boring you too much so far.
It is raining today so that will slow me down aconsiderable amount.
I have some things to do in the barn anyway so the will keep me busy for today it os good to have something to do right and all the while wishing that we didn't have so much to do it is just human nature I guess.