Friday, October 30, 2009

Today at the Ponderosa

I will endevour to fill you in on the happenings here today.

Well first of all the sun came up before me and that is just alright with me.

I went to the woods an cut a tree that was about 24 inches at the but now you see that is a small but for a lady but for a but of a tree it is a good size.

Here is a pic of it coming through the driveway behind the tractor when Mary took a pic of me bringing it out of the woods.

That is just the bottom of the tree as I couldn't bring the whole tree out because one of the turns in the road back in the woods wouldn't allow the tree to go around so had to cut the top off with the chain saw in order to get it to come around the turn in the road.

Here are some of the boards that I got from the tree when I cut about 10 feet off the end of the log.

In the pic you can see the large pieces that I had to cut off the end of the log after I had put it on the mill because the end of the log was red hearted and that doesn't make for very good lumber so it is best to just cut that off and make fire wood of it.

Here is another pic of the mill and the log that I sawed today now if you look you can see a feed bag on the side of the mill and I thought that I would see if I could catch some of the saw dust that the mill produces and bag it up and sell it to prospective buyers.

So that is my story and I'm sticking to it so there.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I haven't the faintest Idea what I am going to tell you now but I do feel so pressured into telling it all and doing it in a fashione that befits me ha ha.

Today I hauled wood all day and split wood for the winter that I know is on it's way so that is what occupied the most of my day.

I have been helping a young friend get a team of horses going and so will send you a couple of pix to look at.

This is one of the pix that I took of him with Nevah and Bonnie Nevah is the one nearest us in the pic.

They are taking to being together pretty good as at the time of the picture taking this is only the second time that they were together.

Now this is called ground driving a team and this is the first time for Spencer also so we are all learning at the same time a bit much right.

We just hope for the best and go with the flow.

I might put another pic on here now just for practice.

This is Spencer and the girls just going out of the barn towards the house now to repeat myself Nevah is on the left side which in horse talk is called the near side and Bonnie is on the right side which is the off side.

Now you have had your lesson in horse man ship with no charge at all see.

With that I guess I will close the foolishness and go do something else with my time k.


Friday, October 9, 2009

A new toy for the old boy.

So I went and bought a small band saw mill about a month ago and have been sawing a little now and then.

I will see if I can put a pic on here for you to see ok.

You maybe can't see it very clearly but for now this is the best I can do so live with it k.

I took a couple of pictures so will see if I can put another on for just you since you are very important to me right ho hum.

THis is from the other angle and you can see the carriage that has the engine on it and this whole carriage moves along as the band saw blade saws through the wood at what ever thickness you set it at and then you have a board or what ever you want.

This is some of the lumber that I have sawed out thus far there are some 2x10's on top as you can see and a few 2x4's there at the bottom for you to view on the mill there is a piece of spruce that I sawed out to show a friend this afternoon I left it at 6x8 a nd will likely saw it into 2x6's in the morning.

This is what I was doing this morning this is a mare that is here for me to get going for a fellow that wants her so he can do some farm work with her so I am working with her almost everyday.

So I am managing to keep busy most of the time.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's new.

I am on here and I don't have a thing to say that would a interest anyone at all but I will just type away here oblivious to any kind of common sense or any thing that would resemble reality.
I did get Kate hooked today and yesterday as well so she is progressing albeit extremly slow there are those horses that are slow learners the same as people ha ha.
Spencer Baker and I went yesterday and picked up a mare for him so we have begun to work with her as a prospect for him.
Tomorrow is a new day and who knows what it holds for each of us but it isn't any good to worry about it all as we can't change a thing even if we think we can.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Setting down.

Hi. I'm back again and so I will see what happens as I go along here with this thing.
boy oh boy this is so slow when I am trying to do It the right way just see how slow this is and I hope that it doesn't bore you too much reading this slow.
I just came in and it is about noon so will have to eat soon.
But i must tell you about what was going on here this morning that is so exciting I can hardly contain myself.
I bought one of those portable bandsaw mills and I have been sawing out some lumber with it so this morning I sawed out three 2x8's 12 feet long out of a log that I put on the mill last night.
So that is what I have been doing this morning to occupy my time.
Maybe later on I will put a picture on here so you can see this thing and see how it works k.