Friday, April 24, 2009

Little more then last time

Hi there happy readers.

I have little more to say then last time that I was on here but I will take a few minutes of your time and bore you too death hopfully not literaly.

Had a good day today and have the pictures to prove it see.

This is Dancer and doesn't he look good well that's my opinion and since I only have me here right now it's the only opinion that count's right.

I will put another pic on as we were moving around you see.

That's our Christmas tree from Christmas past and I am just trying to get a little more mileage out of it or should that be kilometers I don't know that doesn't sound the same as Miles does it.

Mary said that I should be careful so as not to ruin our Christmas tree so you can see that I am going slow to accomplish said goal.

He is doing so good but he hates it when turning as the heel chains touch him on the hocks and it gets him a little bit upset but we make a little head way each day that we do this and that is why I got Mary to come out and take these pics so I could show the world how he is coming along I am sure that there are millions wanting to know!

Now I am sure that you will want to know that it took me quite awhile to find that exclimation mark behind that last sentence.

That was this morning and then Mary and I went running around the country side this afternoon and we can sure waste an afternoon so easily I tell yah.

But we do seem to have fun together just doing nothing.

We are going out to a gospel choir sing by some african people at a Crurch near by tonight at 8 so I went out and got the barn ready for the horses to come in before we go.

Tomorrow there is a horse pull at a friend's place so I am going to that but I have to go with the backhoe in the morning and push a tree over so that it doesn't fall on the man's house then I guess he wants me to bury the stump after, so that will take most of the morning to do that then I will hopfully go to the horse pull after that.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing to say.

Hi there.

It has been almost a full week since I was on this thing filling you full of useless drivle not sure how to spell that one but you will have to figure it out for your self k.

I did get Dancer harnessed this morning but just drove him around inside the barn as it is cold and raining today and it was enough just to do that so there that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

He is getting so much better with each passing day and I have tried him in shafts so I just went to the woods and cut a couple of trees and am going to make a pair of shafts for him to drag around instead of him having the opurtunity to smash up my cart because I don't want to have to rebuild that.

This is a pic of Dancer and I am real proud that I can even put this pic on here because I don't have any idea how to put a link on here like my brother in Holland does but maybe that can be my next problem to conquer we'll have to see right.

I would have preferred to have a pic of him in harness today but I didn't think of it so quit your complaining and appreciate what you are getting.

This is another pic of him, He is the one up on his back leggs playing with Mazie they like each other and play like that quite a bit.

I guess I will quit this for now and mabe come back later to it and bore you some more at a later date.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm back

Hi there.

Now I realize it has been awhile since I have been on this thing so quit bugging me and I will try to say something that will have deep serious meaning for everyone.

Now today went something like this I got out of bed and that is very good at my age as I will tell you a friend didn't about a week ago and he was only 54 so you just don't know do you.

After I got out of bed actually for the second time because the first time was when I went to the barn to feed the horses and went back and got back into bed and slept for another hout or so, it was after 7 when I got up for the second time and had my breakie then I started the tractor and when to the woods and cut a big maple sawed it up into furnace wood size and splitit also because I have the wood splitter right on the tractor and can split the wood right in the woods there and that saves me handling it a little more.

So I looks at my watch a wow it as 12 by then and so I comes out for lunch and a nap then I went back in the after noon ande cut up some more wood and I am tired right now so that might explain why this might not make much sense.

Well I was in the barn in the late aft and in comes my friend Spencer Baker on Nevah a little mare that I sold to his sister Laura.

As it happens I am in the process of trying to rid myself of some pidgeons in the barn as they make such a mess all over everything in there so when he arrived he said he would take the pellet gun and see if he could get on of them.

So I jumped on Nevah and went for a ride and Mary took my pic which I like.

Now I see that it looks like I have a beard it this pic but I don't I guess that it is just the way the sun is shining on me any way I really like this mare.
So here is another pic from a bit of a distance.

Boy oh Boy I'm a natural what ha ha.

He brought her down to get me to put a harness on her so we got a start on it and then I got this phone call from a guy I know from out Bridgewater way and so he left while Iwas talking to him so then I did the chores came in for supper and went back out and let the horses in for the night.

That's my day for today.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here Iam

Hi Blog.

I haven't been on this thing for awhile so thought I should see what I could come up with for nothing to say.

I id get to the woods this morning and cut a little wood I cut a couple of maple trees and got them sawed up into furnace wood size and now need to go and split them up but will be tomorrow.

Mary and I went to Middleton and went out for lunch and while we were there a friend came in and joined us for something to eat.

This is Trina George and she works at this restaurant so she came in to have something to eat.

So we had almost finished our meal and another friend came in and we invited her to set down with us and we enjoyed her company also.

This is Ruby Loomer she is a neighbor that lives across the road from Mary's mother and father and we have known her and her husband for 40 years or more.

So we had fun today and we went on down to the feed store and got feed also, we also did a little grocery shopping.

Mary is trying to find the right stair tred covers for the front stairs so that also took some time as the ones she wanted wern't there so have to change to another colour.

She brought home 2 or 3 different colours to see which ones will suit her fancy so I guess that she has picked out what she wants.

After church wed night David George and Darleen came in to get eggs and stayed for awhile.

They had their little dog Buddy with them and Q Michelle's cat wasn't too sure he liked him and hissed at him once and had his paw up to batt him but nothing transpired so Buddy didn'tget a bloody nose or anything.

This is Q on my lap and Buddy looking on you can see that Q isn't overly thrilled about this little intruder in his domain.

The little dog that didn't know just how much trouble he could have been in had he bugged Q very much more as it was, he did go around following Q with his nose tightly against Q's rectum and that didn't make Q very happy until Q got up on my lap.

I sure am glad that we as people don't have to do that when we meet each other with the nose in the rear end of the other person arn't you glad also.