Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boy Oh Boy.

Boy Oh boy there was a lot of stuff that I wanted to say and now I can't think of one thing.

I will just continue on and as I go maybe I will think of something.

Mary is redoing the front hall now she probably thinks that I don't appreciate that but she is so wrong so anyway we went to get wall paper today and she came home with two different kinds that the wall paper store let her try so don't know which one she is going to use.

Last night we went over to her mother and father's to have pancakes and we made home made ice cream boy oh boy [that's again right] that sure is a good way to get fatter.

I took some pictures as a matter of fact 77.

So I will put one in now for you to see.

That's my Mary in her Mother's kitchen last night.

Mary's sister Linda and her father making the ice cream the reason I am not in the picture is because I am the one taking the picture dummy.

It was strawberry ice cream and it was soooooooo goooooood ha ha.

We had a pretty good time and left there at around 10 pm I guess.

It is the middle of the afternoon and I should be doing something productive rather then sitting here punching these keys one at a time with my index finger but I have improved somewhat I am now up to both of my index fingers so don't read too fast as I can't keep up to you.

What I'll do is put another pic in then that's it ok.

This is Mary's mother Mary and her father in there living room last night Mary is looking at a card but don't know what the card is for.

Just one more as I am having fun at this as of now k.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Kat's suggestion 2nd try.

HI Blog my niece in the comments told me another way to move the picture to the place that I want it to be so I am going to try her suggestion Here goes.

I must be doing something wrong because it didn't work.

Kat's Suggestion.

Here again

HI blog.

I am back and I want to practice this picture thingie and just see if I got it right or not.

Well that is as good as it gets OK I have managed to put the pic where I want it to go and that makes me as happy as the proverbial pig.

This is a picture of me and Amos a really good horse that I used to have and that I really liked.

I sold him about a year ago and he is busy doing weddings etc where he is near Halifax.

It is a dirty day out there now and so I didn't leave the horses out too long today but let them in early compared to other days.

Today is my sistre's b'day and so called her and talked to her today and wished her a happy birthday she was going out for supper with a friend of hers from Ottawa and I will put a pic of him in for you to see k.

Thats as good as I can do so there you see even though you might think that I am a dummy this just goes to show you nothing in particular.

One of these days I will try to put a video in this thing and that will jar your pyjamas and make you want to do it right etc.etc.

If you think that means anwthing well you are so wrong.


Learning to put pics in the Blog.

Hi there Blog.

Heres a pic for practice.

Bye for now.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back again.

As you must know I was called away and I did flush it well as a matter of fact Mary flushed it while I was washing my hands now is that TMI or not but you can take it can't you.

Here's another pic k.

Now remember I am getting these pics from my Pictures and it is random.

I tried this coat on where the groom was being fitted for the wedding and it was too expensive for me but then most thing are.

This is kind of fun putting these pictures in the Blog just wish I knew how to get them where they are supposed to be right.

This is an old pic of me with my old guitar.
Guess I'll go for now but be assured you have not seen the last of me and you don't have to consider that a threat or anything.


For some reason that I hope some day to understand the picture window went behind the blog window and it wouldn't come out so I could put it in the Blog.

Undaunted I shall do the Winston Churchill thing and never surrender.

This is Mary yesterday washing eggs in the kitchen sink but I still don't know how to put the stupid picture where I want it to go which is in the midst of the text where I am typing or should I say pecking.

O'K. here is another pic.
Now what I did was go look at my pics and randomly pick a picture and put it on the Blog.
Just now you will have to excuse me because I have to go poop Ill be right back I promise to flush it ok.

That blog.

That Blog for some reason didn't work it tried to publish without my permission so I am going to try to put a picture on this Blog now so just wait.


I just wanted to Blog OK.

Hi Blog I 'm not sure what I am going to say but I guess I don't care anyway.
I just had toast and tea so I am finishing my tea and so Iam practicing my typing you see dear Blog I have this typing course that Michell gave me and I am trying to learn to type the way that you are supposed to.
It is very difficult to do and I hope that you can stand it.
I want to put a picture in now ok.
Well I tried and it didn't work so here goes again k.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Time goes by.

Hi Blog.

Boy oh boy the time goes by so fast it is so incredible the last I was on here was on tuesday and now it is sat.

I will try to fill you in on some of the happenings here.

I must begin awhile back as you know I am on dial up which is worse then walking to Holland from here {Nova Scotia} with one leg.

So I have tried to get high speed from the providers for about 3 years to no avail and they did finally say to me not to call or bother them anymore.

So down the road is a friend of mine now don't act surprised that I might have a friend I digress and anyway he has hi speed and is willing to share.

I went to staples and bought a receiver card for my pc and tried it didn't work.

I bought a more expensive reuter for his pc and a better card and an antennae for my pc didn't work.

So it seemed that I had tried all possibilities to no avail.

This was like last year or something well this guy has a genius brother down on the states somewhere and he sent this microwave antennae up to him and we tried it on his pc but it wouldn't fir so hooked it to my pc and I am on his hi speed now my signal is very week but it is so far working.

Yee Haw. that what horse guy's say when something works for them oh yes I did have to go buy a card for my pc to hook this microwave ant to.

I want to try to put a pic on this thing and see if it will work so bear with me will you.

This pic was last night when the chores were being done.

The pis ended up at the top but it is there Howrah you see I tried that on dial up and it was so slow I couldn't stand it and never did find out if it would work or not.

That pic is me with one of my mares in the team that I am driving right now her name is Fabie.

She is 18 hands hi and a good mare to use she has had three babies for me.

I don't seem to be able to get the pic to come in to the text where I am writing but anyway there is a pic of Sandy and I last night after chores.

You can see that she is getting old she is 29 this spring and she had 13 babies for me this is the greatest mare that ever walked on for feet as far as I am concerned.

I must try to figure out how to get the pic in the text where I am typing right.
I just added another pic and it is Ruby with her babie Hattie but I couldn't get it in to the text again so will keep trying k.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Supprise Supprise

Hi Blog.
I am actually back and I didn't die as some had erroneously thought I am still alive and as they say in the modern jargon still kicking.
The rumours of my demise were greatly exaggerated.
As I am trying to write this and put my thoughts on this thing the pain that I have to endure is almost unbarable.
but I shall try to endue this for my reading public which right now is my sister and my brother so I hope that they appreciate the effort that i am putting out right now for there benefit.
So I must tell you Mr. Blogg some of why I have been so long in not a wrighting to you and so here is some of the reasons.
1. it is excruiatingly painful on this dial up medium that I have to endure to do this thing that you are reading.
2. Next I do hope that you are a slow reader because I am sue it must be difficult for as it is for me writing this because I have to use the hunt and peck method of typing you hunt for the letter and smash it with your index finger and then you use the backspace key to fix it with and then hit the chosen key with your index finger every once in a while peering up to see what you have written and again using the backspace key to go back and write it all over again.
3.Now all that isn't so bad the main problem is that I forget what I intended to say in the first place which is what is going on right now so if you could please read slow as it makes me nervous trying to keep up to you.
Well now that I have tried to tell you some of my troubles I will try to let you in on some of what is happening with me.
I was having trouble with my 3 yr old colt that I am trying to get broke to harness now this is the one that threw me on my rear end last winter
Well the first time I hooked him to a little scoot that I have he proceeded to kick it all over the place as he jumped over the baler and over the wagon and ended up in a heap with me trying to follow all these very fast movements needless to say he left me behind in the dust literally.
Well did catch up to him and got him unhooked from what was left of the little scoot that I used to like.
You see that was back in Dec and I have been trying to get him going ever since.
So Monday which was yesterday I hooked him to the now repaired little scoot that I now relike and he was very good and dragged it around at a walk which is the speed that I like so much better than mach 2 in horse speed.
And today we went out behind the barn and he was very good so I am so encouraged now an I told him today that I like him again now.
Hope that he will continue to improve as days go by.