Sunday, March 29, 2009

Up date Up date

I missed a day so I will try to up date this blog on what has happened since last I talked to you who read this thing.
Yesterday there was a horse pull at my friend's place just south of Aylesford and so I had to go to see the lovely horses that were there now I do apologize that I didn't take the camera and take some pics for you to see but I will try to remember the next time which is on the 25 of April and I do hope to be there the LORD willing.
There was about a dozen teams of hrses there and there was 4 teams from out of pronince there so quite remarkable really if you think about it.
To change the subject I have a bunch of wood sawed up in the woods that I want to haul out on Monday but the weather doesn't sound good as it is saying that it is supposed to rain later tonight and all day tomorrow so that will slow thing dowm a little.
Have to wait and see how thing go and then take it as it comes.
It isn't nuch fun out in the rain so I might just hace to stay in the house and hold the couch down but that has worked very well for me in the past.
I just feel bad that I don't have any pics to display for you to see.
Mary and I just had bacon and eggs for lunch and I am drinling my tea now and eating a piece of maple bread with butter on it very good and very healthy also not.
Can't think of any thing else to say so I will spare you the grief of reading this any more k.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Short note

Hi Blog.

I was just back to the woods and split up the wood that I sawed up yesterday and so when I got done I wanted to show you these pic that I got Mary to take for me.

Thisis a neighbor up the road and a good one at that he works in the woods for a living and he called me this morning and asked if he could bring his slidder through here so he wouldn't have to have it floated home from where he had been working in the woods.

I just thought that you would like to see this thing they are common around here and are really quite the machine for yarding logs out of the woods he can haul like about 10 logs at a time with this machine.

Second picture of use in front of this rig so that's it as I said this would be short but I didn't say anything about sweet you know [short and sweet].


Thursday, March 26, 2009

New day

Hi Blog.

It's a new day and so I feel like I must put some nonsense on here for people to read as it seems that they don't have any thing better to do right .

Well I had seem the doc in feb some time can't remembe exactly when but he wanted to see me not sure why but today was the day as it turned out so that is what I have been doing this morning and he tells me that I am fine so hope that lasts for the rest of the day or so.

He give me some high blood pressure med ashe thinks that is working because he checked me bp and it was fairly good or so he says.

I complained to him bbout the price of the med and so that is why he give me this stuff free.

He asked me if I had a drug plan so I tells him no and he takes pitty on me as I am poor hope there is a rich relative reading this now and can send money I am oretty sure my address is on this thing so there you go.

Now i do want you to know that I'm not going to go and hold my breath or any thing foolish like that you see.

I got home from tje doc and took the chain saw and went to the woods and cut wood until the saw was out of gas and so was I as a matter of fact it does seem that there isn't as much gas in my tank as there used ti be but I guess I will have to make do with what I have so there.

When the saw was out of gas I came back to the house and haven't done a thing since.

Mary is painting the steps in the front hall way as you can see from the pic I am going to put here.
That is from the top so I ll put another one in from a different angle isn't this fun.
Now I have another one to show you the possibility of a mat on each step so you can email me and let me know what you think of it k.

Doesn't look too bad does it so now we will need help financially to do this so as I said above send money and do I need to go through with the holding of the breath and all that don't answer that.

Here is a pic of Q Michelle's cat on the steps before they were painted the calf manure brown colour I was careful to say manure instead of the vernacular version of manure for fear of hurting your ears and all.

So you see the brown is a decided improvement right.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009



It is wed and I am at this thing again and it is only 11:30 in the morning but a good one at that as I have been to the woods with the mares and the chain saw already.

Here is a picture before I left for the woods with Fabie and Veronica as I got Mary to come out and take a pic so I would have something to put on this blog.

This was at about 9 or so this morning just to prove that I can get out of bed in the morning see.

This pic is when I came back from the woods with the load of wood on the sleds that is right behind the house where i keep the sleds and hook and unhook he mares to go when I want too.

Mary took 3 videos also but I am not provicient enough at this thing to put them on here yet but just you wait Henry Higgins [ My Fair Lady remember].

I hope there is someone out there reading this thing because it is a lot of work with 1 finger and the hunt and peck method of typing that I am forced to use.

Guess I will get off here now see yah.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snow and wind.

It has snowed pretty well all day here and the fields were almost completely bare yesterday and now we have about 6 or 8 inches down [now I know that I am supposed to give that to you in increments of metric but don't know how much that would be.
I am talking to someone on the phone right now so I am typing slow so you will have read real slow.
It was storming quite bad today so most people stayed home but not Mary and I we went to cdn tire at the paint and paper store we went out to lunch at Zellers for their special of english style fish and chips for 5 dollars we left here at about 11 and didn't get back until about 4 so we had fun together I'm telling you her and I can waste a day together some easy.
We went to the grocery store and the farm market on the way through and Mary got her paint at Frasers in Kingston becayse she tried to get the paint at the paint and paper store but it wasn't dark enough for her so got it at Frasers instead.
I got my chores done at 5:30 or so and put the horses in and came in for the night.
It is blowing out sice now as I can here it beating on the window now.


Tuesday already

Man oh man here it is tuesday already and it is like 5:30 in the morning.
Yesterday was busy for me as I knew that I had an appt with the vet to castrate a yearling colt that I have here and I haven't got out to the barn to see how he is this morning yet so I will only be on this thing so long and want to get out there and see him and feed them their breakfast.
Well the vet was suppused to be here some time after 1 and it was closer to 5[that certainly is some time after 1 isn't it] when he finally got here and I wanted him to look at my old mare while he was here but didn't have time Sandy is 29 and she is really showing her age now we are hoping she will make it to time to put her out to pasture and she can stay out all night and day and last the summer it doesn't look good when I see her.
Any way we got Fraser [that's the colt I mentioned] castrated and have to go see him now and see how he is this morning.
Yesterday morning I went to Middleton and got feed for the horses and went up to see the trailer that I hauled and while I was there they came here so missed them strange how that happens.
I had lent him tires for the trailer so it could be towed and while I was at his place he came here to bring the tires back.
He is supposedto come here and help me with some work here in exchange for me hauling the trailer.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mobile home trailer.

Hi there.
It's good to beable to talk to you again Blog I need the therapy as I can't afford a therapist and no one will sponsor me.
Well about a week ago a friend came to me with a friend of his now this is the classic friend of a friend and so on.
So they asked me if I could haul a Mobile home and took me to see where it was and where it was going and so on and so forth.
So I sayes to the friend that is the first friend that was my friend and not the friend that was his friend you know what I mean right? that sure I could haul that thing no problem.
Now that is all well and good until the time actually comes when you have the put the old proverbial money where the mouth is and it was my mouth as I recall.
We had said that today was a good time to do it early saturday morning we thought there would less traffic and as it turned out the traffic wasn't too bad.
I didn't get much sleep last night worring and woke up this morning at about 3 and have been awake since except when I was asleep at the wheel [Just kidding].
Now I am sure that you all know how they jamb those thing in there in a trailer park and it was more then 90 degrees where I had to bring this thing out of the hole it was in and a clump of maples had grown up right where I needed to turn.
I drove straight as far as I could and then turned and I could see in the mirror that I was mowing the maples down so I just put more throttle on and out it came.
The end of the story is that we landed it where it needed to go and with very little grief.
There was some prayers that I was saying to the LORD and am so glad that HE still answers prayer.
I was done that by 11 and came home and put the horses out for the rest of the day then went to Lawrencetown to a cattle auction for a while and then went to see a friend that has horses for a little while then home.
I am going to bed a little early tonight as I am tired I do hope that you appreciate the effortto stay on this thing and tell you all the news about the wonderful world of The friendly farmer and his fables.
It just too bad we didn't take any pictures today so I could put them on here and you could see for yourself this great feat.
The trailer was 64 by 12.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The bike ride

Hi there friendly Bloggers and other such stuff well I looked on my brother Bob's blog and he took me for a ride on the handle bars of his bicycle and I almost got motion sick following the street and watching as the camera slowly slid down until it was watching the front tire of the bike.
It was fun riding along with him and seeing the scenery etc as we rock and rolled our way along and the ride through the tunnel was fun and did you see the ride through the Swiss tunnel from the front seat of their car fun huh.
So now I must get to my story and sad though it may be I will tell you the news.
I am sure that I had toll you about Ruby and her fillie well anyway I had lent Pete a big grey horse to this man that had bought Rose and Ruby from me.
Pete was there as a spare horse while I had Ruby here until we weaned the fillie off her.
So this fellow calls me up Tuesday morning and tells me that Pete was dead now that is never good news no matter what.
He was going to buy Pete from me or maybe he was or maybe he wasn't we will never know now right.
Anyway he says to me on the phone your horse died last night well that sort of jargon is never good either.
You see that is inferring that it is my loss and not his right.
Well I went to the barn and that is where I does do my bestest thinking you know the old saying up here for thinkin and down there for dancin.
Soes I comes back into the house and says to my faithful wife we're going to Halifax and she was very happy to oblige as we both don't need much of an excuse to go somewhere seems we do that quite a bit nowadays.
So off we go and see's this guy well he is a gentleman and between us two he aggreed to pay for half of the price what I had said Pete was and Mary and I went into some furniture stores and looked at couches and chairs as we are wanting to buy leather now.
So we had a good day even with the demise of my good old friend Pete but I told Mary that old Pete didn't owe me anything he was always so willing to go to work and he worked the day that he died which is how I would prefer it for myself if I had anything so say about it .


Monday, March 16, 2009

little story to tell

Well I do have this little story to tell you about this high speed internet stuff.
As you know I have been trying to get on to my neighbors high speed internet dowm the road which is at least 1600 feet away and all the computer geeks have told me it can't be done that it is too far away.
It has been a daunting task to say the least and my first attempts were futile with no success except that my computer could see my neighbor's router and I could get 2 green bars of signal but could not get hooked up to him and I don.t know why at all because I even put the antennae out side the house but to no avail.
Well then my neighbor that I speak off got this high gain antennae and we would have put it on his router but the antennaes were hard wired on so that didn't work.
So then I brought that microwave antennae up here and put it on bought a new 'n' adapter card for my computer and that didn't work at first but now we have it going.
I am happy now that it is working and I am on the www as of now.
I may tell you more about this on going saga as it continues.
But for I am going to say by for now and see you later k.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bin awhile.

Hi blog it has been awhile but I will try to explain to what has been going on and this is my story and I m sticking to it.
For awhile I had high speed from my neighbor down the road but it was not reliable at all so I dismantled it and tried to get it from my neighbor up the road.
I bought a router for his computer and installed it on his pc.
Then I had to change the adapter card in my computer and went through a lot of configuring etc to get it to work.
My neighbor up the road has this friend that is pretty savy at this kind of stuff and we finally got him to figure it out and so now I am hooked up to my neighbor down the road are you confused.
I have a microwave antennae up in my window that is working for me now and it seems to be doing the job for now.
I just came in from the barn and it is ready for the horses to come in when we finish our supper.
It is about 4 degrees right now and sunny so they are happy out there for now.
I think that Mary is going to make pizza for supper.
I went to the woods this morning and was just gettint started cutting up a tree when the chain on the saw came off so I came back to the barn and was just going by the phone when it rang so it was friends saying that they were going out for breakfast and wanted us to join them so we went down to the Kingston diner for breakfast.
Well I had some at 6:30 so wasn't very hungry so just had tea with them and Mary had pancakes as she didn't have any thin as yet and it was 10 or so by then.
When I came in she was putting wall paper on and was having a hard tome of it so when we came home we wall papered together which is so much easier when there is to if you.
Then this fellow that I previously mentioned came and fixed up what was wrong with this thing and so here I am.
This high speed is so much nicer than the dial up which is desperatey slow and I wouldn't wish it on anyone unless I really disliked them intensely and I won't let on who that might be.
So guess that's it for now.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still peeling

Oh my aching back but the ceiling is still peeling this pic I just took and this is just one place.

We finished the primer yesterday and it stayed on very good and so went and put the ceiling paint on and this is what we have in at least three places so we must scrape that all down and put a coat of primer on and try again.

We shall persevereto the very and.

I am going to Middleton now so will talk to you later k.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Paint and peel

This is another look at what we are up against but we are up to the challenge and as I said to her all we cane do is keep going until all the paint stays on there.

Today it has been freezing rain all day so there was no school today so my brother Bob won't have to clean the school today Ha Ha.

All I have done today with the horses is lead Hattie around a little for those of you who don't know she is 5 weeks old and is learning to lead.
Here is Hattie with her mom Ruby.
I have the barn chores done and the horses are out so at supper time all I have to do is bring them in and I am done.

Hi Blog.

Here is the actual beginning of the blog.

Well it has been awhile since I last talked to you so it is about time isn't it?

Mary and I are still at the front hallway ceiling and it is definitely causing us some serious grief.

So what is happening is when we try to put some paint on and you will notice that I did say try that the stuff that is on there flakes off.

Well as they say with poor English anyways that is a small sample it seems that when I put the paint on it softens the stuff that is already on there and then it tends to leave the ceiling.

Now you will notice that I did call the stuff that is already on there stuff because I don't think that it is paint but the old stuff that years ago used to come in powder form and it was like White wash remember Tom Sawyer and his picket fence well that is not too far from what this stuff seems to be.

Here I am applying another bit of primer to some spots that peeled for the forth time or so.

Mary was getting a little frustrated and so am I bur I told her we will just keep at it until the paint stays on there.

When you read this blog you will see that it is mixed up and it is not the way that I wrote it and I think that it is because when I was in the process of writing it that it came up with some weak excuses about that it was having trouble publishing it and so on so in the process the prose That I was writing got mixed up.