Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ruby not Rose huh.

Morning Blog.
Well that's the funniest thing because when Brian Hatfield called me to tell me that Rose was pregnant I was completely amazed because the vet as you recall in previous discourse had taken care of that as we thought.
So he lands here with what I thought was Rose and Roger Gammon with him says it isn't rose that it is Ruby that is pregnant.
When the vet palpated the mares to see if they had babies in them he said that Rose was with child and Ruby was open so we gave Rose estramate 5 cc a day for seven days and that was supposed to made her eject the foal.
Well Hatfield on the phone was saying it was Rose and not Ruby that would stand to reason as we hadn't estromated Ruby so if there was a baby in there it would still be in there wouldn't it.
So now I have Ruby in the barn and he took Pete with him to use inb he stead hyope Pete works out for him because he said that if he does he might but him and that would suit me like they say right down to the ground.
I just came in from the barn and I put Ruby beside Dancer and you know they will make quite a good looking team together.
We will have to see won't we because I have to get harness scrounged up for Ruby and keep working with Dancer to get him so he doesn't get too upset and hurt himself or someone else namely me right.
I came in from the barn and got right on this thing so I could tell you this beautiful story and I didn't make on the fire in the furnace and I think I had better go down and get the fire going as I'm humped over this thing here trying to keep warm I was thinking too bad I can't wear gloves or mittens while I am on this thing.


Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Back

Hi Blog.
Look I don't even know what I'm going to talk about so don't get you're hopes up too high.
I have been here waiting for this to come up and totally forgot what I was going to say.
While I was waiting Mary came in and gave me one of those halls cough drops to chew on so that is helping with the sore throat and so on.
I have been sick with the flew sore throat head ache congestion cold want me to keep going I don't want to get you in tears for me.
My brother Bob called me from Burlington Ont. as he and Gabe flew home from Holland for Christmas with there girls Dana and Kathryn she is the one that got married in the fall and I went up for the wedding had a pretty good time I might add.
Well the reason I mentioned that he and Gabe flew home from Amsterdam for Christmas is because I thought it would be cheaper then it was to fly across the Atlantic so I am a little disappointed in that but you see Mr. Blog I am still going to see if there might be cheaper seats in the spring for Mary and I to go see them in Holland as we didn't get to go see them when they were in Puerto Rico when they were there and I am still upset about that one.
Well I gotta tell yah it is storming here today with winds up to 100 km per hr and blowing snow so won't be hooking and horses to the sleds today because of the weather and of how I feel hope for another day and better conditions.
Oh and another thing I probably should tell you I got a call from a feller that I sold a pair of mares to last spring Rose and Ruby.
Well when he was in the process of buying them I said that it was very possible that they might be pregnant so he said that he didn't want that.
I got the Vet now that isn't a war vet but is a doctor vet and we supposedly took care of that but as they say anyways he called me on sat last to tell me that Rose is pregnant so he was supposed to be coming down with her from Halifax and I will lend him Pete a big grey horse I have here and he will leave Rose here to have her baby so that means that she will be here for about 4 or 5 months according to when she foals.
Now I don't exactly know who the baby belongs to but we will have to discuss that when it is born and if it lives etc.
So the reason that I am telling you all this is because it is storming and I doubt that he will be coming today and he said he would be calling me today to let me know if he was coming or not and I think it the or not if you know what I mean k.
I will want to know for sure what is going to happen there of course.
I am going to stay in for the most of the day today except to go to the barn and take care of the horses in the barn to see that they are all right.
Mary now has the same thing that I have and she has thanled me on numerous occasions for the gift that I have given her well we are supposed to share aren't we.
No need of me suffering alone is there.
Only 3 days until Christmas morning and I can hardly wait.
Haven't heard what we are doing on Christmas day for the turkey dinner etc but you see I don't bother my pretty little head about things like that.
I guess that I will get off here as my drivle is starting to anoy even me might pick this up later and let you know how the horse swapping turns out.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bin awhile.

Sorry bout that Mr. Blog but I have been busy and seems that it was just too much trouble to get on here and fill you in in all that is going on.
Today I did get Mazie and Dancer in the harness and hooked to my little scoot that is really a motar mixer.
Now I suppose that I had better fill you in on what that is well it is used by a mason if he were going to build you a chimney out of bricks and mortar and he would mix the cemint in this thing with a garden hoe.
It's simply a piece of plywood about 3 x 3 with 2x6 sides on it so I use it to hook the young colts to and it is easy to pull around.
Friday Dancer got a little excited but he was very good and we had a good time.
Mazie was very good but she is ahead of him by light years.
I got this done in the morning and got the horses turned out cleaned the barn up before noon because I had to go to the doctors office and get a blood pressure monitor put on me.
I have to wear that for 24 hrs so have to go back tomorrow and get it taken off me then the doc will read it and tell me if my blood pressure if normal or if it is high because every time that he checks it my blood pressure is always high.
Then I went up on the north mountain to see a man about a saw mill that I would like to buy it is one of those band saw mills and I have wanted to have one for a number of years.
He was a sort of seedie looking fellow and I had the idea that he had just gotten out of the slammer but I am just telling you what I got the picture of when I was talking to him.
He is supposed to call me tomorrow and let me know how much he wants for this thing
So I am in suspended animation now waiting to see what he says to me.
Mary and I are going out to a Christmas concert tonight at 7 at the school at the Three Rivers Community center up around the corner from here so we should have a few laughs at that because the kids are always fun to watch.
Guess I'l' say bye for now keep watching and I will endeavour to keep you posted K.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Beautiful Snow.

Hello there Mr. Blog it is about 1 thirty Monday afternoon and I just had lunch because I was late comibg in from the barn.
I guess I should give you the low down of the whole morning as it unfolded from my perspective anyway.
I got up at around 6 and went to the barn fed the horses and as I have had this ear ache for the last 4 or 5 days I decided to go back to bed so that is precisely what I did.
I woke at about 8 and managed to crawl out at 8:08 as Mary was already up you see I had made the furnace on when I first got up and she had put wood in when she got up so I was nice and warm when I came down to have my breakfast.
I boiled two eggs and a piece of toast and then I was ready to go out to the barn.
As you recall Mr. Blog I have been cutting wood in the wood while there wasn't and snow on the ground so I do have quite a little bit to bring out on tge sleds.
So harnessed Fabie and Veronica and my oh my how good they are to use now there was a little trouble when I went to put them over the pole of the sleds because Veronica had to stand up on a bit of a side hill but a little coaxing and we were on our way to the woods and you would not believe how terrifically beautiful it is in the woods with the trees laden down with the snow there was a few places that they had to duck threw the trees that were hanging over the road way.
When we pulled up to the pile of wood to load I don't think we could have gone any further so I removed branches that were on the way and bent some trees back to allow us our way through.
I loaded the sleds right up with the hard wood that was there as you recall that was the tree that I cut earlier this spring and had split it up last friday.
I figured since the sleds are 5 feet between the side racks and 16 feet long a foot deep that I had about 2/3 of a cord of hard wood on well the girls had to get at it to move it and the road is twistie until we got out to the main road and I stopped to top the load up just before we come out to the field you know where I mean just after we cross the brook.
And that is another thing Veronica is walking in the water and doesn't mind plunging into the brook with out a moments hesitation so I am quite proud of her right now.
I said that the more I use that big mare the more I like her she has a normal instinct about how to get at a heavy load when it is needed of her.
I brought the load out behind the house so want to start getting that in this aft.
It will dry out and should be good to burn by Jan of Feb.
I unharnessed mares and came in to see Mary for a few minutes and bragg about them beautiful mares.
I harnessed Mazie and Dancer and ground drove them around single each and drug a piece of wood around behind them that didn't seem to mind that so I am incouraged about them also but I do have to remember to just go slow and make sure that they don't get scared of any thing that we are doing so soon should beable to put them together as a team and have some fun with them in the snow.
The snow is so good for starting young horses because anwthing that can be drug behind A horse is good to go in the snow I'm a poet and don't know it well yot know the rest of that without me going avy further.
So that is why it was 1 thirty when I got in to have something to eat so I am going back out now and play in the snow.
I might seem like work to you but it is all in the state of mind that a person lets himself be in right thought you would know what I was talking bout.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Two days in a row.

Ho there blog I'm back.
I was up early today at about 5;30 or even earlier as I recall went to the barn and fed the horses they seem to like that.
Then came in had my porridge etc I read some and soon it was time to go out so I went to the woods as I wanted to pile up some of the wood I had cut as it was down and I was afraid I would get covered with snow since it is supposed to snow on the week end but now I know it is rain mostly.
I drained the oil out of the tractor and went to the dealer and bought fuel filters and an oil filter for the old thing so will get new oil and new filters on it tomorrow.
Today is the 5 th of Dec and I am sure of that because Mary said so from now on I will check with her so I Know for sure what day it is OK Alice.
There will be no more sarcasm allowed in emails to me from now on let the whole world know.
Went to Skip's on the way home from the dealers and talked to him for awhile and saw that big beautiful stallion that is there and we took his truck and went to a place to see a band saw mill that this fellow had but he didn't want to sell it .
It is the same make as a neighbour up the road has and it does work good for him.
I would love to have a saw mill as I have alot of trees that are dying and the mills that buy logs won't take them but they saw into good lumber just the same.
So I will keep looking .
It is about 9:30 now so I guess I will say bye for now Mr Blog.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

My apologies.

My dear blog I guess I owe you an apologie for not getting on here and doing my civic duty by letting you know my where abouts at all times as I am supposed to do.
Today as you know is Dec 4 th and the last time I talked to you was the 25 th of Nov so will try to let you in on some of my duties as they unfolded in the last week the only excuse that I haven't been on here is that I didn't want to OK.
Today I went back and split up some wood that I had cut a while back it was a maple tree about 20 inches at the but and it was lodged up in another tree so had to hook on to it with the tractor and pull it down where I could get at it to cut it up and split it into furnace size wood.
Well I got that done and where I wanted the road to go there was a very large top way up in the top of a huge pine tree and it really scared me that it might fall on me or the mares when I was hauling the wood out.
So I have a chain on the tractor that I used to pull the other tree down remember and I tried with no success to lassoo the tree top up there.
I came back to the barn and got some rope and a large piece of metal to throw over this treetop all I could get was pieces of branches and I just kept pulling pieces of it down until it finally came thudding to the ground now I know why Dad called them things man killers because it came down with quite a lot of force.
Glad I wasn't under it when it came down.
That was lunch time which I am always glad for I can stop to eat almost anytime so Mary and I had something to eat and then she wanted te take two parcels to the post office to mail them.
We got that done and stopped at Sobeys store for a few things and came home at about four and I went to the barn and cleaned the barn up got down some hay fed the horses and brought them in at about 5:30 or so and came in for supper that's today gone.
We were eating supper and I said to Mary is this wednesday and she always knows what day it is so she looks at me with this amazing look and says with authority that no it certainly is not that is is thursday.
Well I wish that they would stop doing that to me because they did the same thing last week and so that's a whole day each week that I am loosing each week and who is reaponsible for this because they owe me big time.
No idea how to collect on that one maybe you could help.
Yesterday I went up to David Keddy's to get oats I have a large Bin that I can tow behind the truck and he fills it wigh the tractor and front end loader about 4 ton or so.
Well on the way back at about 20 km/hr I stopped at Bruce and Linda's which is Mary's sister and was there talking to them in their drive way when we noticed that one of the tires on the trailer wasn't as inflated as it should be so Bruce has one of those air pumps that plugs in to the truck and we stayed there until it was pumped up.
I left there and was coming down through Melvern Square when RCMP pulled up behind me for a little then he put on his lights well that thing lite up like a Crhistmas tree so I went to go back to see him but he wanted me to stay in my vechicle so he asked me for my licence registration insurance inspection.
I got that all out for him and he asked me if that thing was legal and I told him that was what I was told I didn't say that it was what I had told me.
Anyway he asked which way I had to go and I told him I was going to stay off the #1 and that made him happy.
Now do you recall that the first thing he asked for was my licence which I did not hace because it was home in my wallet.
I forgot to mention that to him.
Will I got it home and backed it into the barn safely even without his help so there.
It was time to do the barn and get the horses in for the night that was yesterday.
I think I will let this go for now and say so long it's been good to know ya.