Sunday, June 28, 2009

A little update of sorts.

I woke up early this morning at about 4.30 or so and no sense staying there and getting bed sores and head ache so got up and made myself a cup of herbal tea and watched some of a movie about a girl at a mission as a teacher.
So then I came in here as I was wanrering around the house so thought I would turn this thing on and so I paid a bill and then thought I would bable on here for a while and as you can see this is an awfull amount of drivle.
Yesterday was sat and I went to a farm auction in the morning but didn't buy anything and left there before it was over went from there up the number 1 towards Lawrencetown and saw this take out place that's called Pearl's is Paradise [it is in the place called Paradise] so I was hungry so stopped to have something to eat I called Mary to see if she wanted to come down and join me but she had already eaten so I ordered fish and french fries and it was very greasie and I have been sick ever since so I guess I can't do that anymore if I want to stay alive much longer.
When I left there I went on up to l'town and watched some ox pulling and some horse racing [barrels and pole racing] then I came home.
Sorry I have to go right now remember the fish and chips.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's time right.


I guess that it is time that I put something on here and thought I would put the pic of my finger and the lump that was on there I say was because it is now gone as it was taken off last Friday by a doc.

Here is the before pic.

It didn't really bother me except when it bumped into something but me and my doc decided to have it taken off about a year ago.

This is what it looked like the next day after the operation kinda sore looking don't you think.

I just took a pic of it now right here infront of the computer and so this is what it now looks like so it is healing up and you can see where the lump was and the pocket that the lump left has filled up with blood and so that is why it is bulging out the way it is.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just from the barn.

HI there I'm back and don't have anything to say but I have such a nice way to say it now if you can I would prefer if you would reserve your coments for someone else because I am so sensitive.
I just cleaned the barn out and it does look so much better but I will say that it is no where as clean as my daughter Michelle used to have it when she was home but I do the best that I can.
I played hookie yesterday and went to a horse pull instead of staying home and getting the work done that I should have.
When I came rolling in the drive way there was some people in the yard talking to Mary and I had called her on the cell when I was coming up the 101 at about Lawrencetown well actually it was along there where Denhaan's nursery is you know the spot and she said there was some people there that we see in Canadian tire store but I couldn't get what she was saying.
But they stayed here til I got home at about 7 o'clock or there abouts.
I guess that the girl really likes Fraser the yearling colt out of Fabie and by Fonce the stud I used to have so it seems that she is coming back to but him tomorrow we will have to wait and see right.
This girl is 13 and 5 foot 10 so she is too tall for her 13 hand pony and Fraser is over 15 hands already so he is going to be tall whem he matures.
Well back to the horse pull that I went to yesterday and this is the place where they were asking if I would Judge their fall show but they didn't say a word to me about ot so maybe I am too expensive for them or they found someone else what ever right.
I'm going to sign this thing off and maybe get back to it later wish I had some pics to put on but we'll see about that later k.